created in the CAT database on September 30, 2001 at5:05p

Re:airline security

George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
White House

Dear Mr. President,

My hope is that this letter will be directed to you or to someone else who is in a
responsible position:I can certainly appreciate you do not have time to read thousands of
messages that must be sent to this address every day.

Someone may have already thought of this, but maybe no one has. No one thought
anyone would turn an airliner into a cruise missile. Four were, as everyone knows today.

Measures currently being taken such as improved airport security, better passenger and
baggage screening, law enforcement and immigration intelligence sharing, sky marshals, and
air force defence, should all help to avert a repeat of the hideous monstrosity that was
perpetrated on September 11th in New York City and in Washington, DC.

This idea could be at least as good as these to prevent sky-jacking:

The pilots could release a gas that would put everyone onboard, outside the cockpit, to
sleep. They could proceed to their destination where the trouble-makers could be arrested. No
fuss, no muss. End of story. Total cost:next-to-zero.

The airline industry could leave onboard drama and gunfights to Hollywood. Everyone
could get on with business and with life.

I don't know what would be used as a harmless gas; I'm sure someone does. The pilots
would have to close the cockpit door; they could even lock it. Boeing could borrow some video
equipment from 7-11 so pilots would know what's going on behind them. The airlines would
have to ensure that the right people are reporting as aircrew. (One of the highjackers it was
reported on CNN showed up one day in the cockpit of an airliner, dressed as a pilot!)

As always, there is lots of blame to spread around. The lesson we can all learn from this
is how lucky we are almost all the time. And we can be thankful the worst brings out the best,
as we have seen -- a reason to bless all, even our enemies.

Someone does love us.

I hope this helps.

Like everyone, I think you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for your leadership and

God Bless America,
- Morley Evans