December 12, 2005


By Morley Evans

Aam rooting for the Bloc and the PQ, myself. I think the separatists are Canada's best bet for unity. A while back, during the Gomery Hearings, Chantal Hébert, a CTV commentator, observed that "Québec is tired of being the whore of Confederation." I'm tired of it too. Here's how it works: The people who run Québec most of the time, the Liberal Party, take money from the rest of Canada (which it calls "English" Canada and spreads the boodle around amongst Liberal friends to buy support in La Belle Province. Then they tell the Québécois that "English" Canada hates them and all the special favours they unfairly get. The Conservatives unwittingly help the Liberals with this. Obviously, the "French" need the Liberal Party to protect them from the "English". (Remember the Plains of Abraham? The English are the enemy.) Then the Liberal Party tells "English" Canada they (the Liberals) are the only party that can keep Canada united. "You need us to keep the frogs in line." So far, only Québec has figured out the game. The biggest threat to unity is the Liberal Party. Gilles Duceppe wants to wipe them out. If they are gone in Québec, the Liberals can only get a minority government in Ottawa. With the Liberal Party trimmed, Québec will go on to have a Oui vote and secede from Canada. The Liberal party will be left holding the bag. They will rightly be blamed for destroying Canada. Québec and everyone else will then form a new Canadian confederation (something like Switzerland) without the Liberal Party of Canada. Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and the rest will go directly to jail. They will not collect $200. The new Governor General and her predecessor will be deported along with the coterie they represent. Canada will become a better place, but it will have no pretensions of being a perfect place, for a while at least. The NDP will go to a warmer place. There they will try to sell their Medicare scheme. In that warmer place (and I don't mean Florida) they will be greeted by Trudeau when they arrive. At first, they will wonder who he is. Canadian Unity will have been saved by Sovereignty. Toronto may form its own country. It will deserve to have itself. Once free of the old political game, Canadians will invent a new political game, as people always do. It probably won't take very long. Canadians are smart. Yesiree.