March 11, 2006

Ruling Élites
(v 1.0.5)

By Morley Evans

The principal task of the shepherd is to convince the sheep that their interests and his are the same.

Dear Mr. Strakon,

I sound like an anarchist. Maybe I am an anarchist.

Here are some Canadians at work:

A ur Governor General in Canada, Michaëlle Jean, is a mullato (which is as obvious as her pretty face). I have been reading that 95% of Haitians are Africans while 5% are mullatos who constitute the élite and live quite well while the rest in Haiti live in Hell. The evil Papa Doc represented the majority who are Africans. Papa Doc stayed in power by using terror (primarily against the élite?). Jean Bertrand Aristide also represented the Africans. The U.S. got rid of him. (Since 1776, Haiti has always been a foreign project of the U.S.A.) They say Ms. Jean’s father was a philosopher — another indication that she came from the élite of Haiti. You can bet they did not paddle to Florida (or Guantanamo) in a bathtub. But Michaëlle Jean, like her predecessor, Clarkson, not so subtly advertises herself as a refugee who escaped from Hell. Jean did not come from the Hell that most Haitians live in. (Those wretches live in the Hell the élite is responsible for creating!) No wonder Michaëlle Jean slipped easily into the Governor General slot. She comes from an élite, just like the Hakka (also obvious), Clarkson, and Jeanne Sauvé before them. “Jews” like Edgar Bronfman and Barbara Amiel are part of this racket. They live high on the hog while they advertise themselves as being part of the persecuted and downtrodden, people deserving protection and special treatment — which they get. Oppressors make themselves appear to be victims. This is what is going on in Palestine. The former P.M. of Canada, Paul Martin, who is a billionaire, came from a humble middle class Canadian family we are told. Mr. Martin believes in sharing the wealth (as long as it is somebody else’s wealth). How did he become so wealthy?? Oh right, he and a friend engineered the largest leveraged buyout in Canadian history — with the help of the Government of Canada. The current P.M., Mr. Harper, is merely a dupe, at best. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now (about ten minutes). Harper’s main gift to Canada is war, which pleases Washington greatly. (We are best pals again!) His Conservative predecessor, Brian Mulroney (who came from humble origins, yeah, sure he did), gave Canadians the GST as his main contribution to their well being. Thomas d’Aquino appoved. The GST, tax increases and medicare cuts, gave Martin all those billions to throw around when he became P.M. Union bosses prosper; their members do not. Indian chiefs are part of the same racket: They do well while the Indians they lead live in Hell. (Of course, just like the Haitians, Indian misery is their own fault.) We could all do better without any of these leaders. We do not need them. They perform NO useful public service. The foregoing is but one small example of the world as it has been since the old order was destroyed with the Great War 1914 to 1918.

Odd as it may be for an anarchist to say, we were all better off with Queen Victoria’s three grandsons: George V, the Kaiser and the Czar. Please compare the 19th century to the 20th century. Certainly, we were no worse off until their destruction began with the assassination in Sarajevo. (Consider this too: the real business at hand in 1914, was not their destruction, it was the destruction, dismemberment and looting of the Ottoman Empire which continues to this very day. I could go on.)

But that is another story. . .

- Morley Evans
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