July 1, 2006
The Defining Event of our Times

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By Morley Evans

T uppose someone has told you that the sun rose one morning in the west, and he then goes on to base his entire case on that fact. You can be one hundred percent certain that everything that he is telling you is untrue. But will that make any difference to you? Will you believe him?


The following facts — along with a host of others — exist. They are part of the public record. They are not disputed. They are merely ignored. Any one of them fatally undermines the raison d’être for the War on Terror and anything being said by the people who are promoting that war.

A. The twin towers (WTC1 and WTC2) in Manhattan were part of the complex known as the World Trade Center. Each tower fell in 9.2 seconds on September 11, 2001. These facts destroy the official story: 1). The speed of the "collapses" is impossible if gravity alone were responsible. 2). Gravity could not produce the pyroclastic flows observed. 3). "Jet fuel" is kerosene. 4). Burning kerosene plus building contents (paper, carpets, upholstery) cannot melt, or soften, heavy structural steel.

No similar steel building has ever collapsed in the United States, or anywhere else in the world, unless it was deliberately demolished using explosive and/or incendiary technology.

WTC7, a 47-storey skyscraper that was part of the World Trade Center complex, fell in the same manner as the twin towers and at the same "free fall" speed. It was not struck by an airplane. It was not on fire.

This entire vast crime scene was systematically removed and destroyed before it could be examined. Yet, still molten steel was found weeks after "9/11" at the bases of the buildings and reported by demolition crews! Explosions during collapse were heard and reported by survivors and firemen.

B. No airplane crashed into the Pentagon. We know that because: 1). airplanes do not evaporate into thin air after they crash and 2). there was very little damage to the exterior of the building apart from a rather small hole on the first floor. Not even the adjacent windows were broken!

C. Cell phones do not work in jet airliners. Try yours.

D. People who have had only a few hours of pilot training in light aircraft cannot fly jet airliners.

E. The Atlantic air corridor of the United States is the most heavily militarized area on earth. Its air defense system, which includes several huge air force bases including Andrews AFB outside Washington, DC, is specifically designed to protect from air attack the major eastern cities Boston, New York, and Washington. Where was the airforce? We are told they were asleep!

The events of September 11, 2001 did happen. Everyone saw them happen. They did not happen the way we are being told — told by people whose business is war. Do you believe A-rab terrorists did this?



July 2006: Osama bin Laden — who supposedly masterminded "9/11" (or was it actually Saddam, or Mullah Omar, or Kim Il Sung, or Hitler himself?) — is no longer being hunted by the C.I.A.



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Things fall to earth at an accelerating rate of 32 feet per second per second — when they are in a vacuum. When they are not in a vacuum, the resistance of the air gives them a terminal velocity (they stop accelerating). Terminal velocity is determined by the amount of surface area that is presented to the resistance relative to the mass of the falling object. A cannon ball and a feather will both fall at the same rate, in a vacuum. If air can provide resistance, then concrete and steel can be expected to offer much more resistance, which will slow down the falling object. Every building is collapsing, but its structure usually reduces the speed of the collapse to zero. If concrete and steel are pulverized into a pyroclastic flow, as they were in the WTC "collapses", a great deal of energy is required. Much more energy is required than gravity alone could have provided. (This WTC pyroclastic flow is something that has been observed before, in volcanoes.) Explosives and incendiaries like Thermite (but not jet fuel) would reduce the resistance and speed up the fall as they break the structure. But the fall of each floor supposedly pulverized concrete and steel into fine dust. Of course fine dust doesn't fall very fast and it doesn't weigh very much, so the upper floors could not have exerted much downward energy as they floated off on the wind. Now, could they?

Why were the exterior walls, that were made of heavy structural steel, neatly chopped up into short uniform lengths? They were all exactly the same. How did that happen? What is the vapour column rising vertically above this tower as the tower's top explodes into a dust cloud?




The_Truth.wmv (240 MB file)

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WTC7 fell to earth in a manner similar to the towers. It was not struck by an airplane. It was not on fire (wmv). The buildings a few feet away from it on either side did not collapse, yet some of them were on fire.

WTC7 http://www.wtc7.net/index.html

naudet_wtc7.wmv (412 KB file)

nbc_news_wtc7.rm (680 KB file)

People who want to dismiss an argument out-of-hand, sneer and call it a "conspiracy theory". But the fable being told by the lads in Washington, DC, is surely a conspiracy theory. We are all supposed to believe that the Empire is threatened by a conspiracy of radical Islamists who are so stealthy they cannot be seen, yet they are there. "Believe us, not your lying eyes! They are there. You just can't see them. You need us to protect you from them." Huh? People who would use the "conspiracy refutation" like Donald Rumsfeld are selling a conspiracy themselves. Whose conspiracy theory are you going to believe? A group of scientists or a cabal of lying politicians?

Flight 93 mystery


Cell phones don't work in airplanes. Maybe yours will work. Give it a try. I'm going to Calgary next month. I'll try mine, if the airline will let me.



AA Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon. Period. What happened to the passengers who were supposed to be on this flight when it crashed into the Pentagon? They are supposed to be dead according to Don and Dick. They had better be dead and they had better stay dead. See? The same can be said about the A-rab highjackers who turned up alive a few weeks after 9/11. If thousands of commuters saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon, where are they? Where is their testimony? Why is there no evidence of a plane in any of the photographs that were taken immediately after the incident? Why are the windows not broken in the wall where this very large airplane supposedly slammed into the side of the Pentagon. Where are the wings? Where is the plane? From where came the large cable spools that are on the ground in front of the "point of entry". Did someone drag them there after the incident? Who? Why? Or are they materials left over from construction? And what about the vehicles parked in front of the wall in the supposed path of the jetliner? Did the plane somehow pass through them on its way to pass through the exterior wall to reach the interior of the Pentagon, where it evaporated into thin air after causing structural damage and fire. Very mysterious! Forces unknown to physical science must have been at work.










What caused the Pentagon incident? Perhaps a smaller plane? Perhaps a rocket? Perhaps a shaped charge planted inside the outer wall? This is the Pentagon. They are supposed to know all about munitions at the Pentagon. Aren't they? Isn't that their business? The area of the Pentagon incident had been under construction for months before "9/11". Why was it struck? Why not some other place? Coincidence?

The Pentagon did not suffer the extensive damage one would expect to be caused by a huge jet airliner, loaded with jet fuel, crashing into a building at 400 mph, or some such. In the photos, one can clearly see that the windows are not broken adjacent to the rather small area of supposed impact. What does such an impact look like? Why, the media has provided us with lots of footage of two jet airliners crashing into the twin towers in Manhattan. How handy! We can see that those crashes do not resemble the Pentagon in any way. We can also wonder why there are so many high quality video clips of the towers and not one second of the Pentagon. Were cameras set up and waiting for the planes in New York? Were video surveyance tapes confiscated that showed this section of the Pentagon at the time of the incident? Several people have said so. Look on the left side of the photos. Links to them are provided above. Look behind the yellow fire truck in 3.jpg. You will see trees standing in the smoke. Official spokesmen have suggested the Pentagon and its windows were not damaged very much because they are so incredibly strong. Are we to believe the Pentagon trees are also incredibly strong? Incredible! One caption identifies a photograph of a fireball beside the "point of entry" as a small tree bursting into flame. Really! Exploding trees. What next?

A-rab highjackers?

If people who manage to get through a few hours of pilot training in light aircraft could fly commercial jet airliners, why, you and I could sign up and get very high paying jobs as airline pilots, along with tens of thousands of others!! But in fact nearly all airline pilots have been trained for years by the military, at a very high cost to the military. Didn't you see Top Gun? There are not many such pilots, which is why they are highly paid. Helicopter pilots get paid less because so many were trained in Vietnam, and after. While we might be able to steer a jet airliner in level flight, we would not be able to tell where we were going because we would have no idea how to navigate, or keep the plane in level flight for that matter. Something other than A-rab pilots with a few weeks of training in Piper Cubs flew the planes into the towers. Consider robotic control from the ground. You know, something like the robot planes they are flying today in the Middle East to bomb wedding parties that have been infiltrated by A-rab terrorists. We have seen it all on TV.

Although I have disdain for the Imperial air force, I concede that they are able to do some things. Payne Stewart's executive jet was tracked and intercepted soon after it went off course. It was "chased" all the way to South Dakota where it crashed. Everyone saw the whole thing on CNN, even me.

  • steel becomes soft above 900°F (480°C) called red-short steel
  • steel melts above 2750°F ( 1510°C)
  • jet fuel burns at 500°F to 600°F (260°C to 315°C) in an open air "dirty burn"
  • jet fuel burns at 980°C under optimal conditions in a jet engine
  • thermite burns at 4532°F (2500°C) anaerobic exothermic chemical reaction
  • Thermate-TH3 is a mixture of thermite and pyrotechnic additives which have been found to be superior to standard thermite for incendiary purposes. It burns hotter and ignites at much lower temperatures. Uses are primarily military.

The conditions in the WTC1 and WTC2 would have been oxygen starved so the temperature generated by burning jet fuel and contents would have been less than half what is required to soften steel.




Unlike an avalanche, which is just teetering to collapse throughout its structure, and is so unstable that a single skier can set it off, a skyscraper is engineered to be many times stronger than its minimum requirements. Making one fall down would require very careful planning and careful placement of the right kind of combustibles in scientifically chosen locations. The First Interstate skyscraper in Los Angeles, which suffered a massive fire in May 1988, did not fall down. Nothing like "9/11" has ever happened anywhere before. The airliners were mere "show biz".


As one watches the towers and WTC7 fall, one sees that they are different. The towers fall from the top down, floor by floor. WTC7 falls as the bottom levels fail. As each floor of each tower falls, it disintegrates adding steel, concrete and building contents to the dust cloud. When compared to other controlled demolitions, one can see that the WTC building demolitions were exceptionally skillful jobs because the buildings were so big and because they came down perfectly. And, while WTC7 was demolished in the conventional way (and expertly done!), the towers were an innovation necessitated to conform with the highjacked airplane "cause". The media blathered on and on about this complicated yet superbly executed attack on America. It was all of that!

What the POTUS (President of the United States) has given to justify declaring war on the world is poppycock. When one looks at the military colossus the United States is, any military threat today looks truly ridiculous. The official "9/11" story that a shadowy "Al Qaeda" did this may be preposterous but by now Washington must feel it can get away with anything. Or, maybe the people who run the Empire are getting desperate to find an enemy now that the Soviet Union and communism are gone. Fidel can't be expected to do everything by himself after all. Fidel's career as a bogeyman is coming to an end. He needs help. We will just have to make do with the Muslims and Koreans until the Chinese can be puffed up sufficiently, again.


Popular Mechanics steps up to defend the official version of "9/11"


Is counterintelligence and disinformation at work?


Is the video of the second plane a computer animation?



Space Imaging of attack sites



9/11 In Plane Site







Millions witnessed two jet airliners crash into the WTC towers. They witnessed them over and over. They witnessed them from various angles. They witnessed these events on TV. How many people were actually craning their necks to look upward to the top of either tower at the second they were hit? Why would anyone have been doing that? How many people actually saw anything with their own eyeballs? Millions will see the latest Superman movie too. It will have been made in a studio by technicians. Special effects are common and much easier to conjure than actually highjacking airplanes and crashing them into buildings. Special FX look real. The rest would have been almost as easy, using controlled demolition. No evidence remained. The towers and WTC7 were reduced to dust. The entire complex, actually only what what was left of it, was carted off and destroyed. Everyone watched on TV. It was the perfect crime.

The airforce was not alerted to an attack because nothing was happening! The four airliners would have been quietly flown to an airfield someplace where the planes and passengers would be quietly destroyed. But these planes were large. The planes could have been repainted and sold to the airline of a third world country. No questions asked. Or, more likely, however, they could have been detonated at sea. Four planes with passengers and crew, gone. Everyone onboard each plane would have been dead before the transponders were switched off, from the ground. The autopilots would be reprogrammed to turn the airliners 180° on a heading for the Atlantic. Once there, POOF! Simple.

The video footage that looked so convincing, and sickening, to millions of TV viewers was fake. This is most obvious when a plane crashes into a tower. The plane, which was made of aluminum, should have been crushed when it hit the steel wall — which needed to be extremely strong to support both the vertical load and horizontal loads. Even if the plane had broken through the wall, it would have been shredded by the floors which were some 12 feet apart, floor to floor. There should have been an explosion. Instead, the plane appears to be absorbed by a marshmallow. View #1 View #2 Had the buildings been that weak, they would have collapsed years ago. The fiery exit, though dramatic, also fails to account for the building's structure. The entire "9/11" episode was a PSYOP, yet another psychological operation of the U.S.A. No A-rabs. No planes!

Some survivors who were in the towers when the "planes" hit, said they learned what was happening from TV before they made their escape!

Some people think they saw Osama flying the planes into the towers. Do you?

Here is photographic evidence of Impending Doom and here's something on that.

What is most disturbing is that most of the research upon which this article is based has been published for years. It continues to be studiously ignored by the mass media — despite first being reported by the mass media! Most people, who imagine themselves to be well informed, wallow in the brainwash they are provided by radio, TV, newspapers, books and magazines — oblivious to what matters to them. What happened on September 11, 2001 matters. WAKE UP!

The main event in Manhattan was created when the massive central structural steel columns were melted (some have said "vaporized"). Then small cutter charges successively broke the outer wall sections allowing each floor to fall onto the floor below. This created the spectacular top down "collapse" which by itself may not have had enough energy to pulverize concrete and steel. If so, a combustible that was stronger than gravity would have been required to reduce the two 110 storey towers to the dust which covered lower Manhattan — 98% of the towers was reduced to fine powder in less than ten seconds each! That, and pools of still molten steel that were found weeks later in the sub-basements, is the strongest evidence of what had been done.

Do you believe A-rab terrorists did this?


After learning the facts, the main reason someone would believe the official story is because the alternative is even more disturbing. Everyone intuitively knows the alternative is those who are telling the false story and are falsely accusing others for their own crime. Or, of course, the crime could have been committed by space aliens.


What think you? Did the impossible happen OR did something else happen?


Fourth-generation nuclear weapons (pdf). You should know about them.



Understanding "9/11" Requires Some Background

This will get you started:

The U.S.A. is not threatened. Look at the military bases in the continental U.S.A.


Today's events in the Middle East began with World War I and the defeat, destruction, dismemberment, and looting of the Ottoman Empire in 1918. The tangled intrigue below is a landmark on the road to today's imbroglio there:

(3) Steven Kinzer, interviewed by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
— (4th March, 2004)
The story of how the C.I.A. overthrew the government of Iran in 1953 is really an object lesson in how easy it is for a rich and powerful country to throw a poor and weak country into chaos. The CIA sent one of its most adept operatives, Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, to Iran with the mission of organizing the overthrow of the government. One reason I was so interested in writing this book is that I have always asked myself, how do you go about overthrowing a government? What do you do? Suppose that you are sent to a country with that mission. What do you do on the first day? How do you start and then what do you do? Well, now I know. Kermit Roosevelt set about trying to create chaos in Iran. He was able to do that very quickly by a series of means. The first thing he did was, he started bribing members of parliament and leaders of small political parties that were a part of Mossadegh 's political coalition. Pretty soon the public started to see the Mossadegh ’s coalition splitting apart and people denouncing him on the floor of parliament. The next thing Roosevelt did was start bribing newspaper editors, owners and columnists and reporters. Within a couple of weeks, he had 80% of the newspapers in Tehran on his payroll and they were grinding out every kind of lie attacking Mossadegh . The next thing Roosevelt did was start bribing religious leaders. Soon, at Friday prayers, the Mullahs were denouncing Mossadegh as an atheist enemy of Islam. Roosevelt also bribed members of police units and low-ranking military officers to be ready with their units on the crucial day. In what I think was really his master stroke, he hired the leaders of a bunch of street gangs in Tehran, and he used them to help create the impression that the rule of law had totally disintegrated in Iran. He actually at one point hired a gang to run through the streets of Tehran, beating up any pedestrian they found, breaking shop windows, firing their guns into mosques, and yelling -- "We love Mossadegh and communism." This would naturally turn any decent citizen against him. He didn't stop there. He tired a second mob to attack the first mob, to give people the impression that there was no police presence and order had completely disintegrated. So, within just a few weeks, this one agent operating with a large sum of cash and a network of contacts and various elements of society, had taken what was a fairly stable country and thrown it into complete upheaval.

Here is the complete program on Real Player

America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq:


Confessions of an Economic Hitman: Cheating Poor Countries out of Trillions


A Game As Old As Empire


The Big Picture:




By buying into the official story of "9/11", innocent people have made themselves accomplices to war crimes and mass murder that are unprecedented in history. The people who did this are going to Hell. Don't join them. LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, please.


- Morley Evans