May 27, 2005

Dear Mr. Hornberger,

Thank you for writing "Antipathy to Militarism" which I read at Lew Rockwell dot com and discovered first at Strike the Root dot com.

We, that is everyone in the world — all six billion of us, are imperilled by the people who run the Empire head-quartered in Washington, DC. I have been calling this monster "The American Empire". Perhaps it should more properly be called "Washington’s Empire" to clearly divorce it from the country known as the United States which is populated by people who call themselves "Americans".

Americans need a thorough shaking to wake them up. Once roused from their trance, they would do something about this situation. I have faith in their good hearts. They can and would, I believe, flip the switch and turn off the power that runs the machine. The empire needs their tax dollars, so George W. Bush has it right with his "tax cuts": CUT HIM OFF.

- Morley Evans

P.S.: While I, myself, now have grave doubts that the United States was, in fact, conceived in liberty, it may help many to begin at that point. Darkly, the evidence suggests that the U.S.A. was actually conceived in Napoleonic delusion.

[Mr. Hornberger can be read at the Future of Freedom Foundation]

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