My Favourite Uncle, Sam…

by Morley Leonard Evans © July 2004

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I have been wrestling of late with a re-assessment of my favourite uncle, Sam.

Sam has always been kind to me and from him I have learned much about kindness, love and charity. I am a student of his history and until now I have always given him the benefit of the doubt in every matter. Sadly, and with regret, I have been forced to conclude that my uncle Sam does have a hard dark side, a very dark side indeed.

The highlights of uncle Sam’s history:

Revolutionary War (1775-1783); the Louisiana Purchase (1803); the War of 1812; the War of Texas Independence (1836); the Mexican War (1846-1848); the opening of the West (1849-1899) including some of the Indian Wars; the Commodore Perry Expeditions to Japan (1853 and 1854); the Civil War (1861-1865); purchase of Alaska (1867); the Spanish-American War (1898); annexation of Hawaii (1898); the Open Door to China (1899); construction and annexation of the Panama Canal (1903-1914); the First World War (1914-1918); the Second World War (1939-1945); the Cold War (1945-1991) including the Korean War (1950-1953) and the War in Vietnam (1954-1975); then the Gulf War (1991). Now, to end the peace which followed the Cold War that lasted 46 years, we have been given the War on Afghanistan / on Terror / on Iraq / and on whatnot (2001 to who knows when).

Combined with an on-going war on American Indians and slavery — both of which began during the two hundred odd years when the 13 colonies were part of the British Empire, and a general maltreatment of people from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, what uncle Sam has done doesn’t appear to favour the notion that he has been particularly peaceful or neighbourly. Rather, in the hard light of day, Sam appears to have been extremely aggressive and dangerous. Yet, of course, he believes himself to be quite the opposite, a friend to all and an enemy of none, someone who has sacrificed much for the benefit of many, the font of goodness and mankind’s last best hope, sob . . .

I, myself, have been very well treated by uncle Sam, even considering the War of 1812, which he lost to my forebears while he settled the matter of his independence from Great Britain, once and for all.

Standing back to view the entire stand of trees from the vantage of an open field, we can say that the 19th century was the zenith of the British Empire, despite the loss of the 13 colonies, and that the 20th century was the zenith of the American Empire, even before it was trumpeted by some as “the world’s only remaining superpower.” The 19th century, unfolding after Napoleon’s defeat and the Congress of Vienna in 1814, was generally peaceful — despite being the height of colonialism — and much of the progress we take for granted today actually began then. Queen Victoria lends her name to an age of propriety and gentility. On the other hand, the 20th century, which began to unfold with the First World War in 1914, was the most bloody epoch in mankind’s bloody history.

And the 21st century has started very badly, sad to say.

We see a long list of evil-doers who have forced Sam, over vociferous American protests, and against his own wishes and better judgement, reluctantly to wage war: the British; the French; the Mexicans; the American South; the American Indians; the Spanish; the Filipinos; the Central Americans; the Haitians; the South Americans; the Germans; the Japanese; the Communists including the Russians, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Cubans, the Vietnamese, the Laotians, and the Cambodians; the Iranians, the Libyans, the Afghans, and the Iraqis — a never ending list of evil-doers dating back to the very beginning, and before. Could there be something wrong with this picture? We see too that there has always been a peculiar marriage between some of Sam’s more favoured businesses and the State and that much of his “free enterprise system” resembles the corporatist arrangements advocated by Mussolini. It seems that the fix was in for much of corporate America at home and abroad.

Sam has always also maintained a menagerie of desperadoes who cooperated with him while they kept their own people in line, exploiting them for fun and profit: Batista (Cuba); Samosa (Nicaragua); Palavi (Iran); Saddam (Iraq); Duvalié (Haiti); Diem (S. Vietnam); Chiang Kai Chek (China); Singman Rhee (S. Korea); Noriega (Panama); Marcos (Philippines); Pinochet (Chile); Mobuto (Zaire); Suharto (Indonesia) and many many more, including the junta which founded and runs “Israel”, the Zionist State. These were the men through whom the American Empire operated while it extolled the Declaration of Independence at home and abroad: and practised “foreign aid” which transferred American taxpayer dollars to favoured American businesses, while indigenous businesses in recipient countries were starved out. Dictators kept their jobs as long as they pleased their Master; when they failed to be useful, they were removed. That’s Empire by anyone’s definition.

Oh, let’s not forget troops and matériel permanently stationed in army, navy, air force and marine bases around the globe today, the proposed weaponization of space tomorrow, and the permanent marriage of the State with the war industry, the university system, and the media at home. I think that covers it. We are all safe now, right?

Many see a new enemy today — a billion Muslims. Others see Jews. In fact Zionists who are calling themselves “neoconservatives” these days, actually do appear to have hijacked Sam’s foreign policy and his military to fight their battles — le coup d’état extraordinaire! Should Muslims or should Jews be added to the list of evil-doers? Both?

A Zionist coup does seem to be what is happening currently but this wouldn’t be the first time this would have happened. It has been suggested that the British may have similarly hijacked Sam’s foreign policy and his military to come to Great Britain’s aide in both World War I and World War II. Poor Sam. Is he merely the innocent, hapless victim of evil intrigue? (Can Wilson — or Roosevelt — seriously be compared to Bush? Hard to believe…)

Are there defects in Sam’s character that make him a willing participant in — perhaps even the instigator of — evil-doing? I conclude that there are. If we want world peace — And who doesn’t? Some do not! — we must start with Sam himself and stop pointing the finger at bad people everywhere else.


“Give it back? Why, it’s ours; we stole it fair and square.” - S.J. Hayakawa, U.S. Senator




The history of its armed forces tells the tale: The military has never stopped growing in peacetime and in war, for over two hundred years. The United States has never disarmed and it has continually been at war with someone for centuries. It enjoys its peaceful reputation as a result of skillful, subtle, yet pervasive, propaganda (public relations) that shapes its image at home and abroad. Some may not, but most Americans believe it.

America's claim to virtuous hegemony is contradicted by the disasters inflicted on the world by America's arrogant and blundering leaders. - Paul Craig Roberts

The Great War and the Century of American Empire - Morley Evans


"You can get more with a kind word and a gun
than you can get with a kind word alone." - Al Capone


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Brig. General Jack D. Ripper

U.S.A.F. Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper

"Armed to the teeth: We are all safe now, right?"


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and on and on and on . . .

"They're just adorable. If it wasn't that way, it shouldda been . . ."







"Gee-Willikers! Even the Hollywood version
of Nazi Germany had nothing like this!"





“I just want you to know that, when we talk about war,
we're really talking about peace.”
– George W. Bush, Commander in Chief




- finis-