Mr. Strakon,

Now that's what I pay you to do!

Mr. Henry Gallagher Fields, Esq. has hit the ball out of the park with this one. Even it's leather skin made it all the way into the stands after it was ripped off by his mighty blow. I have been looking for someone to blame the 20th century on: In Kitchener at Khartoum, I settled on "The prime candidates today are the people who were left standing at the end — and are causing all the trouble now. That would be the United States of America as well as those who are currently celebrating the Auschwitz Festival. They are, at the very least, not as blameless as their friends have supposed for years."

Of course, "the United States of America" means the people who run the government of the United States of America for their own fun and profit. Most Americans are hapless boobs who have no power whatsoever — those who run things make sure of that. Most Americans are, in fact, in the same boat as, say, most Rhodesians, most Canadians, most Russians, most Chinese, most Israelis. Most people everywhere.

Most people know what liberty really is. They deserve to have some. Thanks to George W. Bush, most people can now see that his America — the America founded by George Washington — does not represent liberty and never did. We should thank the President for his service to mankind, just before he is hanged for his crimes against humanity.

- Morley Evans


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