The American Empire
(and things that may not have occurred to you)

by Morley Evans © April 2005
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Dear Paul,

Here are some further thoughts:

To begin, let me state that I differentiate between our enemy, The State, and the people who live within the boundaries of any state. The State is the corporeal manifestation of an idea. Individuals are to The State what cells are to the body. While some individuals do certainly have more power than other individuals, they do not actually control The State, which is more than the sum of its parts, and which has a life of its own. What to do when things turn septic? Unwholesome ideas can be replaced with wholesome ideas.

Ideas have consequences.

Most people have no power and they have no control over, and are not responsible for, what the powerful do — even when they have been conned into engaging in criminal enterprises such as war. So my criticism of the United States is of the government of the U.S.A. which could properly be called the United State or the American Empire. Indeed the people most critical of the American Empire are, and have always been, Americans. They often stand up to oppose evil at great personal expense. Were they smart and practical, these people would join some branch of the government, like the C.I.A. or the Army, and enjoy happy prosperous careers as enforcers, leaving a comfortable nest egg for their children. (Of course they might be killed or maimed and left to the mercies of the V.A.) Still, without dealing with the government one way or another, most people can "keep their noses clean." They can live their lives ignorant of things they should not know about, if they are smart. Most people can simply conduct their affairs without giving much thought to such matters, except perhaps at Income Tax time when they pay for everything and keep the Machinery of State well greased.

The American Empire is not the root of all evil; others have always been quite capable of evil. Throughout its history, however, the American Empire has been — and still is today — a major force for evil. It is the exact opposite of the public image that everyone sees and believes, which is based upon goodwill that is created by millions of decent Americans and then appropriated by their government — like everything else they produce. At best, the "Declaration of Independence" United States of America is misguided — trying to use force to do good in the world. At worst, it is a fraud and a menace. This is not Kiwanis International or the Boy Scouts.

The cartoon version of the American Revolution taught to children in schools is a cartoon. So is the "civics class". Why do you suppose Americans generally are so famously ignorant of history, geography, and things outside (and inside) the United States? Perhaps they were brainwashed, with the best intentions, of course, from kindergarten on to make them patriotic citizens.

The notion that the United States (Uncle Sucker) has gone around the world acting with the best of intentions — at great cost to itself — is inconsistent with its well known generally accepted history. The hell holes American troops have "rescued" from tyranny were created by Americans — from its first overseas intervention in Haiti (1803), to its most recent intervention in Iraq (2003). Commodore Perry exposed the true face of the American Empire when he made his Mafia style diplomatic missions to Japan in 1853 and 1854, before the Civil War, when some historians think the U.S. may have taken a small turn for the worst. Its 230-year pattern of expansion establishes the United States of America as the Number One predator on the planet of all time.

At the time of the American Revolution, the population of the United States was approximately 20% slaves and 50% indentured servants, leaving only 30% "free". Of those, half would have been women who had no rights, leaving only 15% with any rights at all. Of those, only a small portion, say, 1%, would have been members of the upper class from which came the "founders" like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. Like Magna Carta, which defined the rights of the English barons versus the King, the Declaration of Independence defined — and still defines — the rights of American aristocrats vs the King (who is long-since gone) and did not include anyone else — except for political purposes needed to rouse the rabble. Slavery was not dealt with in the Constitution because slavery was an accepted part of the new Roman Empire which the founders had set about creating. Slavery was common throughout the 13 colonies.

It is hard to imagine how such a regime has always believed itself to be the exclusive champion of the Rights of Man and the bastion of Liberty. (You may rest assured that it was not created for you, dear reader.)

The economic success of the United States of America is largely based upon the ancient pattern of conquest and looting, combined with old fashioned mercantilism. Ask yourself whether there was any profit from the wars with Mexico by which the United States took everything north of the Rio Grande. Did Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Utah add anything to the national treasure of the United States? Remember the California Gold Rush of 1849 occurred immediately after the United States took California from Mexico (1848). And what about the "Indian territory" west of the Appalachian Mountains which the United States acquired by default with its independence from Great Britain? Or the "Indian territory" in Louisiana that it acquired from Napoleon? Did the United States gain anything from that?

Well, of course there was a gain: ambitious and creative Americans simply put what wasn't being used before to good use. "It wasn't being used." That statement presupposes that one may take whatever one wants if one can put it to a higher and better use than the previous owner — according to the one who appropriates the property. The former owner can simply be swept away along with his ownership. That is the ethic of thieves. Americans believe they are free. In fact Americans are only free to take something that isn't already owned by the United States government. They had better not touch that! If one looks at land ownership in the continental United States, one will discover that most of it is owned by the United States government. Private ownership declines rapidly as one moves west. Private ownership decreased as the United State — the American Empire headquartered in Washington, DC — expanded.

It is well known that while the United States may have encouraged free trade within its own boundaries, it has always discouraged free trade with those outside. This protectionism has always helped American businesses to charge American consumers higher prices than would-be foreign competitors might ask. These American businesses care not one whit about Americans. If they can get labour for less — or for nothing — outside the United States that's fine. If the American middle class disappears (which is happening today as more things are made with cheap foreign labour) things will have reverted to the way they were planned, right from the beginning. Americans who are not aristocrats will join the "illegal aliens" who work today for next to nothing, doing work most Americans would not do today, who are not citizens, and who have no rights. Slavery will have returned for (nearly) everyone.

The United States believes it gives very generously to less fortunate nations. Americans as individuals give generously, but according to former President Jimmy Carter, the United State ranks far down on the foreign aid list of donors. And then, it works like this: U.S. taxpayers send cash to the U.S. government which gives money to foreign governments. After keeping a little something for themselves, they buy goods from U.S. companies who are chums with the U.S. government. Some of that profit returns to Washington to further corrupt the U.S. government. In the case of Israel, which receives the lion's share of all U.S. foreign aid, this has lead to the tail wagging the dog, thanks to Israeli lobbyists and Zionists in the highest levels of the U.S. government. For all they pay, and bleed, Americans don't even control their own government. (And what Americans have paid is nothing compared to what everyone else has paid!)

Of course Americans never did control their own government. It controls them. It owns them. They should do something about it. Wake Up!

George W, Bush, has the effrontery to teach the world about peace, freedom, democracy, and human rights. What!? The United State knows nothing about these things, although it has always believed it is the world's patient custodian and teacher. Take another look at its own record inside the United States itself. Yesterday's race riot, or rigged election, is supposed to be ancient history. "That doesn't happen anymore." Meanwhile, outside, the United States emerged from World War I as a major empire. It emerged from World War II with its only opposition being the communist block (all that needs to be re-examined). It emerged from the Cold War as "the world's only remaining superpower," to quote the neo-cons favourite phrase. The United States has further demonstrated its true intentions since that victory by declaring war on the world. It may have to destroy the world to save it: Left to work its black magic, The American Empire will do just that.

This monster is not your friend and it is not my friend. Furthermore, it is the enemy of every American and of every person on earth. Liberty did not emerge from the Cold War (nor does liberty emerge from any war). This thing has emerged from the shadows instead (although it was always there). I can't say enough bad things about it. It is the enemy of the world and everything and everyone in the world. God help us all.

- Morley

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