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Re:pray for peace

Dear Jennifer,

On this lovely day in May, good news has come from the Middle East at last:

Yesterday the stand-off in Bethlehem was resolved non-violently. Today there was a
very large Peace NOW rally in Tel Aviv; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Syria extended
their sincere desire for peace with Israel and throughout the region, the United
States put extreme pressure on Israel not to invade Gaza while Israel decided to put
military operations on hold; Shimon Peres said Israel should have included a
Palestinian State in the Oslo Accord ten years ago and should do so now.

A dream:One night in Israel after the recent incursion, mothers, fathers, and
children spontaneously conceived the same idea. They quietly went to their kitchens
and filled boxes with food and bottles of water. Families silently got into their
cars and drove to the Palestinian areas. IDF sentries were alarmed when they saw
long lines of headlights approaching. What could be happening? Twitchy fingers
sweated on cold steel triggers. But once the first car had arrived the soldiers were
relieved:the people had come to help the victims of Israeli fear. Fear never
stalked the land again. Violence and hatred quickly disappeared.

Prayers are answered. Pray tonight.

Love, Morley

PS:Happy Mother's Day tomorrow


Dear Morley,

This particular website is actually to do with housework, so is not really of great
interest to everyone, but since this message came right before your note, I thought
I'd pass it along. Most people do want peace. So far I have had a wonderful
Mother's Day - I am blessed with wonderful children.


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RE:FLYLADY: Testimonial: Finding Peace in my home and heart!

Dear dear Flylady,

I live in the part of the world charactarised right now by violent conflict, armed
struggle and terror. Lots of terror. So what a gift to have found you and to have
found you now. You have helped my to create a haven on the inside to where everyone
can enjoy a welcoming and loving place to come home to.

But what I really need to thank you for today goes even further than all of that.
In our current situation I have grown to regard my enemy with hate. Nothing more
nothing less. I saw this message, and thought how could I possibley begin to pray
for my enemy. I want to hate them. They are horrible. But then I thought, if I
continue to hold on to hatred, my kids will probably hold on to hatred, and their
kids will, and so on, and it would never end. I figured that everything else that
you say makes sense, I'll give this a try. So I began to pray to God to soften the
hearts of my enemy. To make them see my good side, to endear me to them. To let
them want peace. I don't know what its doing for them, but Suddenly I find that MY
heart has been softened. My hatred is melting, I am able to see their good side.

Thank you sweet flylady for helping me let peace into my home and into my heart.

Starting to get off the ground in Israel.

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