A German came one afternoon to Antaiji.

Overflowing with excitement, he believed he could now pursue his passion, Zen Macrobiotics.

The newcomer went on for hours about the popular with the counter-culture brown rice diet which he believed would not only cure all ills but save the world — cure all ills.

Everyone listened as he enthused. No one told him that while Zen monks do eat lots of brown rice (genmai), Zen Macrobiotics, invented in the Fifties by a Japanese car dealer, has nothing to do with Zen.

Monks who spoke English listened. How would they deal with this overbearing young man, I wondered?

The Temple was asleep at ten o’clock. Everyone was doing zazen at five next morning. Breakfast was served at

Bacon and eggs!

We never saw him again...


— Morley Evans, Tales from the Temple