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Parrots are wonder

his page demonstrates some of the things made possible with but few
simple Macintosh resources and GoClick the new Web Publishing
marvel from Terry Morse Software. It converts any Macintosh
document to HTML using the new Cascading Style Sheets:With one click!
Very precise page layout alignment is faithfully converted to allow
the designer creative freedom. This Web Page used Aldus PageMaker 4.2, a
Macintosh LCIII and GoClick— Of course, testing to discover what to do
before clicking, as well as what to avoid, were first necessary. Some tricks
were learned.
The results are fairly impressive,I think you'll agree.

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nyone who has looked closely at birds must wonder from where the
expression "bird brain" came. The charmers pictured above are not
just pretty faces, they're smart too!
Parrots are not the only birds renowned for their brains:Those who
have studied ravens have always been amazed; Bejamin Franklin—no dummy
himself—was so impressed by wild turkeys he wanted to have them adopted as
America's national symbol.
We can learn something about ourselves from parrots. When kept as
pets they require love and attention because they see themselves as members of
their owner's flock. Neglect will break their hearts, just like people.
Since parrots are very long-lived, a true commitment is required
before deciding to make one part of your family. You will be truly rewarded.

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