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by Morley Evans © April 2002

At ""I
was surprised to read that Zionist leaders didn't
care about the European Jews. According to
that source, Zionists in Switzerland turned
down two offers made by Himmler during
World War II to ransom — for $1,000 — each
Jewish family arriving at the Spanish border, as
long as they didn't go to Palestine. Zionists
snubbed the offers. I read: "Chaim Weitzman,
'the first Jewish statesman' stated: 'The most
valuable part of the Jewish nation is already in
Palestine, and those Jews living outside Pales-
tine are not too important'. Weitzman's cohort,
Greenbaum, amplified this statement with the
observation 'One cow in Palestine is worth
more than all the Jews in Europe'." With the
European Jews destroyed, they believed they
would get everything they wanted when the
Allies won the War. I couldn't believe it. No
one could be that evil. Yet people can be that
evil. We can look at the record of Hitler, Mao,
Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein. Maybe
it's not true, so I didn't arrive at my conclusion
about Israel with that information. The
WebSite of The State of Israel and the official
history speaks for itself.
The silence of Jewry worldwide sup-
ports The State of Israel, along with unrelent-
ing stories about the Holocaust. Recently I
realized I had watched three television docu-
mentaries on the Holocaust in one week! But
these miss the point because they only tell the
story of Jews. Hardly ever mentioned are the
other five million people who were extermi-
nated in the same places, in the same way, at
the same time, by the Nazis. To explain this
oversight we are told the Nazis killed lots of
people, but they killed all the Jews. Oh? And
we don't hear that several hundred million
people were slaughtered in political crimes and
war during the 20th century. What about that?
What about them?
Every magic trick relies on conceal-
ment and diversion. The Holocaust is the
diversion and Jew haters who claim the Holo-
caust didn't happen only improve the decep-
tion. Everyone's attention stays focused on the
Holocaust so concealment of The State of
Israel's record is hardly necessary. Palestinian
resistance helps too. For fifty years the news
has carried stories of bus loads of Israeli school
children being blown up and reprisals of Israeli
fighter-bombers dropping bombs on refugee
camps. (Look up "reprisal" in your Oxford
English Dictionary.)Violence hides Truth.

No one has looked at what has been going on.
They just wonder why and conclude people
there have been killing each other for thousands
of years. With the heat climbing re-
cently on The State of Israel, right on cue are
reports of synagogues being fire-bombed,
providing more evidence of anti-Semitism
along with justification for The State of Israel.
We support The State of Israel on moral
grounds:we are atoning for the monstrous
crime committed against European Jews and
our own supposed anti-Semitism.
What? Atonement by letting Zionists
steal someone else's country? Atonement by
supporting a cult of racist paranoiacs? What
atonement? What atrocious ideas. This stuff is
all atrocious. It stinks to High Heaven.
People, especially Jews, need permis-
sion to look at the facts. Decent people don't
want to find themselves in the same camp as
Jew haters so they don't look. I was one of
them. That is why The State of Israel has had a
free ride. Were I Jewish, I would be outraged
by what Zionists have been doing in my name.
Where is Edgar Bronfman? Here in North
America, there are legions of successful Jews
in the media and in academia and in the Law.
They tend to look for the truth. They tend to
expose wrongdoing and defend the down
trodden and the Right (even those from the
Left!). If some spoke out, the dam would burst
and a great crime would be arrested.
Likudniks would be in the dock where they
belong. We might even save trillions of dollars
in the war on terrorism. We probably would.
Cracks may be forming in the dam, after all I'm
getting my information from the news, and
from courageous Jews.
When a neutron bomb is dropped, we
are told, the people die, but the buildings
remain. When the Truth is dropped, bad ideas
die, but the buildings and the people remain!
The millions of people around the world pro-
testing the destruction of the Palestinians must
think we are unbelievably stupid. It took me
forty years to figure this out. Thanks to Ariel
Sharon and the news it now seems clear. The
World must be right. We are stupid. But I feel
we are about to right a wrong. I hope so. Let's
move into the light where we are all safe. Let's
leave this garbage in the Dust Bin of History
where it belongs with projects of Communists
and Nazis.

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