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  1. Celebrating the Israeli Killing Machine: Spielberg's Munich
  2. HRW Urges U.S. Cut Aid to Israel:
  3. Crossroads: Ramzy Baroud
  4. Aid and Occupation: Ghada Karmi
  5. Arab Press List
  6. Gaza Crossing Chaos: Arnon Regular, Haaretz
  7. Who Is Abramoff?: various links
  8. Remembering Sharon
  9. Erez Industrial Zone to be managed by Turkey
  10. The Death of Freedom: John Pilger
  11. Curse Celebrated: Jerusalem Post
  12. The Truth You Won't Hear: Mustafa Barghouti
  13. Request for Sharon Quotes
  14. Shabati Declines Invitation
  15. Whitewashing Sharon: Saree Makdisi
  16. Beyond the Ballot: Noam Chomsky
  17. Municipal Discrimination in Jerusalem: Meir Margalit
  18. The blind love of the people: Gideon Levy, Haaretz
  19. It's not the olive trees: Amira Hass, Haaretz
  20. Holy Land Theme Park:
  21. Holy Land Theme Park Update:
  22. Three Fingers, No Fist: Uri Avnery
  23. IDF Cantonizes West Bank: Amira Haas, Haretz
  24. There is no War on Terror: Noam Chomsky
  25. The re-declared War on Terror: Noam Chomsky
  26. Sharon's Sins: Elaine Shiber,
  27. We Will Not Sell: Khalid Mish'al, The Guardian
  28. International Hypocrisy: Chris McGreal in Khan Yunis
  29. In the footsteps of Arafat: Amira Haas
  30. Danish cartoons: Muslim Observer
  31. The Secret Pact: Chris McGreal, The Guardian
  32. Bomb Iran: Philip Sherwell in Washington
  33. Israeli Hamas Team laughs: Gideon Levy, Haatetz
  34. Burying the Lancet Report: Nicolas J. S. Davies
  35. Daily Record: Zionism in Practice
  36. Israeli Policies Fuel anti-Semitism: Paul Oestreicher
  37. The Dissolution of Palestine: Jennifer Loewenstein
  38. Choose: One State or Two?: John V. Whitbeck
  39. Check Your Beliefs: Charley Reese
  40. Collection 1: 25 stories compiled in one PDF file!
  41. On Mearsheimer and Walt Article: As'ad AbuKhalil
  42. Let's hope This is True: Christian Peacemaker Teams
  43. Don't Blame Israel: Stephen Zunes
  44. Israel Plows Over Decency: Jennifer Loewenstein
  45. Blaming The Lobby: Joseph Massad
  46. One Racist Nation: Gideon Levy
  47. Payment to Child Killer: Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank
  48. Life in the Strip: a mom in Gaza
  49. Chomsky on M-W: The Lobby is but one factor
  50. Mid-Point in the Middle East?: Tariq Ali
  51. Blessed are the Peacemakers: Felicia Langer
  52. The 1953 Iran Coup: Amy Goodman and others
  53. The Lobby: Norman G. Finkelstein
  54. Ancient History: 1/2 hour film (requires RealPlayer)
  55. Mearsheimer and Walt Reply
  56. Ahmadinejad to Bush: letter
  57. Subordination: Noam Chomsky with Khatchig Mouadian
  58. Hugo Chavez: Mike Whitney
  59. Diego Garcia: John Pilger
  60. Collateral Damage: Gideon Levy
  61. Boycott: Gideon Levy
  62. It's All Over: Alexander Cockburn
  63. Yet Another Assassination: Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff
  64. Hamas Ends Truce: Al Jareera
  65. Water: Fareed Taamallah
  66. Zarqawi's End: Robert Fisk
  67. Bolton Bolts: Michael Carmichael
  68. Israel's Experiment: Jonathan Cook
  69. Gaza Action Intensifies: al Jazeera
  70. Gaza Invasion 2006: Cherifa Sirry
  71. Gaza Coverup: Jonathan Cook
  72. Pursuing the End of Palestine: Noam Chomsky
  73. The Real Aim: Uri Avnery
  74. Letting Lebanon Burn: the Editors of MERIP Online
  75. Everything You Need To Know: Alexander Cockburn
  76. Is Beirut Burning? Uri Avnery
  77. Nightmare: How Gaza Offends Us All
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