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  1. The Masked Ball by Uzi Benziman
  2. The facade of peace by Amira Hass
  3. Assemby Votes 1947 by Thomas J. Hamilton
  4. Divestment is not Dead by Caravan Staff
  5. Iraqi video (30 minutes) Sigfrido Rannuci, Italy
  6. He Pointed the Way Out by Alexander Cockburn
  7. Monitor Pro-Arab Bias by Ori Nir, The Forward
  8. War Crimes (disturbing images) from
  9. Israel's Political Earthquake by Ramzy Baroud
  10. UN Irrelevance: John Bolton, US Ambassador to the UN
  11. Rafah Crossing by Ibrahim Barzak, Associated Press
  12. Israel Will Arrest Hamas Candidates by Associated Press
  13. The Giant's Daughter by Uri Avnery 3.12.05
  14. Chutzpah by Daniel Gillerman, Israel's UN Ambassador
  15. al-Jazeera Bombing by Juan Cole,
  16. Talks with Iran by Jim Lobe
  17. Canada to be more pro-Israel by Aluf Benn, Haaretz
  18. America Slowly Confronts the Truth by Robert Fisk
  19. Withdrawal from Iraq is Coming By Ze'ev Schiff
  20. Petition to release Hostages Appeal/Petition, CPT
  21. Return to Rafah by Jennifer Loewenstein, ZNet
  22. Regime Change in Caracas: US News
  23. Peace in Israel: Avigail Abarbanel
  24. Sonic Attacks: by Said Abdelwahed
  25. Israeli Brutality: Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights
  26. Presents for Israel: United Press International, Inc.
  27. Finders Keepers: Sharon will keep Jordan Valley
  28. Spielberg:Promoting Peace?
  29. Katriel Letter: A Voice of Reason in a World of Madness
  30. Acquittal: by a Florida Court
  31. Harold Pinter: Nobel Laureate
  32. Israeli Aids Warn U.S.: The Forward
  33. White Phosphorus: What's in a Name?
  34. Retreat from Gaza: Lessons Learned
  35. Pinter- Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth and Politics (full text)
  36. Bus Link Cancelled: Gaza to West Bank
  37. Beirut to Damascus: Charles Glass, The Nation
  38. Another Israeli Preemptive Strike: Target Iran
  39. The Safe Passage Farce: Gideon Levy
  40. Bethlehem is Closed: ghetto or prison? your future?
  41. Spying on Americans: the Pentagon?
  42. Hamas Wins Big: Takes leadership from Fatah
  43. West Bank and Gaza are Closed: What's New?
  44. Jews Disagree on American Policy
  45. Good Victims: M. SHAHID ALAM
  46. Arab Linguist Needed: Mohamad Irfan
  47. al-Qaeda Infiltration: David Keyes
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Have you asked yourself how is it possible that you, a well informed and educated citizen, can be ignorant of what is being done in your name, with your money? Why have you never read anything by these journalists in the newspapers and magazines you read, or heard about this on your radio or TV?



  1. The Lies of Fallujah: Confederate Yankee — Reading CY is " taking interior decorating advice from Stevie Wonder." So, did they all die in Fallujah of natural causes? - me
  2. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, TIME, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, etc. who, along with the advertising empire, have been actively shaping what most Americans think for a century.