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12/5/2005 9:30:48 AM

Israeli aircraft resumed sonic attacks over Gaza after midnight.
This is a reaction by a friend from Gaza city.
Said Abdelwahed

I am writing this message at 3.30am after being awakened (startled is the word!) by three attacks of sonic bombs carried out by the IOF. Got up to watch Al-Jazeera and find out the pretext behind this madness. They haven't bombed us for a month now after mistakenly hitting Tel Aviv. So now there must be a reason for the renewal of these horrendous attacks. But there is nothing on AJ? Why not try Al-Arabiya? Again nothing! PBC (Palestine Broadcasting corporation) seems to need noisier bombs to wake up.
I wonder why I thought about the pilot flying the F16 that has bombed us! Poor guy, he must be falling asleep; what on earth made them wake him up @ 3 am to bomb those bloody natives!   But I must say that I appreciate the whole thing because I desperately needed to go to toilet and Sharon&Mofaz must have been sympathetic. They must have had an urgent meeting to discuss my urgent need and decided not to allow me to wet my bed!   

Jennifer Loewenstein