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For a comprehensive, up-to-date, report fom Bethlehem, go to Bethlehem Ghetto at:

The Ancient road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem has been closed. This photo is from the Jerusalem side. (left)





This is the same 'gate' from inside the ghetto. (below)









The prison/ghetto wall from a distance. The once lively area is now a ghost town at midday.











The main entrance has been changed, for the Apartheid authorities' convienence, to another gate 200mtrs up from the historic route. (below)



The Bethlehem Ghetto is now a reality. It is "a fact on the ground." Please stand with the people of this city by visiting and helping us share this truth with the world. The people of Bethlehem need friends now more than ever.

Ask yourself these questions, Who are the prisoners? Are they the people inside the Bethlehem prison/ghetto? Or are the prisoners actually the guards in the machine gun tower? (ME)

Questions from The Holy Land to consider on Christmas 2005 …


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