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August 16, 2005

AMERICANS! This is the best chance you will ever have to dump these bastards! It may be your last chance!

As I look further into what has happened over the years, the United States of America, more and more, looks like a garrison state. In fact the U.S.A. is the garrison state. It is something that is unique in history. This is not something that was forced upon the U.S. by outside hostile forces (which the U.S. has used as its justification for everything it has done over the years), but something that was the plan right from the beginning, and before the beginning. I have been saying that the United States is founded upon Napoleonic, not Lockeanic principles. But that suggests that the United States grew out of Napoleon. In fact,  George Washington was in business before Napoleon, before the French Revolution. Washington actually started the Seven Years War when he was a junior British officer. He did that himself. So, more accurately, the United States grew out of the same ground as Napoleon with whom the U.S. shares many stylistic features, especially planning. There is a detailed plan for everything in the United States, whereas the British famously muddle through. There must have been a plan and it must have existed before the American Revolution, which was not forced upon Americans by the despotic British Empire, but was engineered right from the start by Americans — actually, by the very Americans who owned everything right from the beginning, the Founding Fathers. Planters and Slavers All they were, aristocrats who were already members of the wealthiest class of men on earth. Compared to this conspiracy, nothing else even comes close. When one looks at this garrison state today, any thought of a threat from some shadowy (and fictitious!) group like Al Qaeda is hilarious. Even Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan, the U.S.S.R. and Red China hardly had a chance against this monster which uses every threat — real or otherwise — to increase its power. Napoleon's revenge! But the American cabal was smarter than Napoleon. They sat back and watched. They didn't challenge 800 ships of the line. They didn't try to conquer the world too soon, before their time was ripe. The United States had a plan: it had a Grand Strategy — based upon "Let's him and you fight" — which has been carefully implemented for over two hundred years. The U.S.A. is the granddaddy totalitarian state: predating the French Revolution, Napoleon, Bismarck's German Empire, the Bolshevik Revolution and the U.S.S.R., Nazi Germany, The Empire of Japan, Red China and the others. After the Great War, the old empires had largely been cleared out and the British Empire shrank to become a junior partner in Washington's Empire. That was the plan. Then we had WW II and the Cold War. Al Qaeda? They must have run out of ideas in Washington. Maybe they thought they didn't need any more ideas. So far, it looks as if they were right! It is too late unless the people of the United States can claim their country. (Not re-claim. It never was theirs.) REFUSE TO SERVE THIS EVIL! What has been offered to the world — Liberty — as the historic mission of the United States is a hoax, a sham. The seal (below) of the U.S. Army — known to its friends as The Army, or simply, ARMY, fittingly symbolizes the real goals of the garrison state: War and Empire.

Was the United States conceived in Liberty? Read Michael A. Hoffman II They Were White and They Were Slaves. This will be your future unless you act. They care not for you. Do not sign up to fight! Avoid taxation! Think! REFUSE!

- Morley Evans

P.S.: MDCCLXXVIII means 1778: there was a plan. They had more than a century to develop it before they were "forced" to fight for their independence (which they won, thanks to France which was subsequently wrecked with bankruptcy and revolution). There was a plan and there was a long gestation period for it to develop. And money! Lots of money. That's how the United States popped out of the egg fully formed, mature enough at birth to play with the Big Powers! They had a mission: to free the world (and make money while doing it.) This all suggests that the American cabal helped to foster the French Revolution which then gave birth to Napoleon, closing the survey of the boundaries of modern times.

Seal of the U.S. Army