DATELINE:REGINA 14 December 2000
© Morley Leonard Evans

In case you somehow haven’t heard, last night the candidates made the
speeches they were supposed to make thirty-seven days ago:Gore’s
concession was gracious; Bush was magnanimous and Presidential.
Something was learned by all, I’d say.

I watched most of it unfold on CNN which did a magnificent job
covering the story 24 hours a day — they are really good doing something
like this. As one journalist commented, “This was the best. A good story is
like a shark. It must keep swimming forward, or die.”After Gore decided
to withdraw his concession on November seventh, this story had suspense,
surprises, and character development as it twisted through legal reefs and
political tangles. Viewers got a lesson in United States Constitutional Law
and history as lawyers made their cases and analysts speculated.

As elections go, this was a humdinger! Better than the campaign. And
it may not be over! What would happen if the Democrats could bribe only
three Republican Electors before they vote on December eighteenth? Surely
they can come up with a few million dollars more; they’ve already raised
billions. Bob Beckle said he’s working on it — I saw him say it with his
own lips.

Gore promised he wouldn’t accept such a gift. We’ll see. What if the
Judges had thrown out fifteen thousand votes in Martin County and
Seminole County? Would he have eschewed those had they arrived on his
lap? We’ll never know.

As they packed their bags to go home, no doubt Democratic workers
felt they had been overrun by The Vicious Horde. Republican workers
probably only felt exhausted. Last night everyone was talking about
“bipartisanship” and “healing a deeply divided nation.”Of course most
Americans are about as deeply divided on this Presidential issue as are
Canadians and Mexicans on it. Who wins really only matters to those who
were directly involved in the campaigns. I know.

Elections are a struggle for power within the ruling class — that’s just
as it has always been. The big difference between now and then is that this
was a peaceful struggle. The vanquished live to fight another day. It was all
summed up on a placard I saw someone carrying:“Harvard wants you, Al.
We don’t.”(People can be so cruel.)But of course the protester was only