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Date: Thursday, October 13, 2005
Time: 9:28:14 PM
Topic: War in the Pacific 1942-45

I was astounded by the book I discovered yesterday by Robert Stinnet called, "Day of Deceit". This book certainly confirms that FDR was an arch fiend and that the United States government is made up of devils. Read: My Favourite Uncle. Explore the links.

Dear Jim,

When I checked my mail yesterday, I was invited to read "Dying For the Emperor" by my friend Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers. It is important and I recommend it to you. Mike has included several links, the most important of which is Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnet. People can start there and throw away everything they have ever read or been told about World War II and before.

Astounding are the Machiavellian steps taken by FDR to provoke the Pacific War (1942-45). The Japanese were supposed to attack the U.S.S.R. That was the deal. Instead they bombed Pearl Harbour. American intelligence was reading Japanese ciphers in 1940. We also know that the British could read some German ciphers as early as July 1939, thanks to the Polish mathematicians who had been working on Enigma. It has been said of WW II that it was sometimes almost as if the Allies and the Axis were in two different centuries. The "good guys" (that's us, right?) were one step ahead.

But we were always told that we were the underdogs. Weren't we? Sure.

U.S. and British code breaking made the difference. If you know what the other guy is going to do, and he doesn't know you know, you have a big advantage. Peace loving FDR — as opposed to warmongering Churchill — signed a Bill in 1940 to construct 100 aircraft carriers for a global navy. The U.S. has been manipulating its enemies to do what the U.S. wants them to do for over two hundred years. They are good at it. The U.S. set a trap for the Japanese and the Japanese took the bait. The commanders at Pearl were scapegoated by their friends in Washington. The Germans were manipulated in similar fashion. The winner (there was only one) has been telling everyone for the past 60 years about the "Good War" and the great sacrifice it made. Everyone believes it! That's great propaganda!

We do know the Federal Reserve System (which was started with the Great War) caused the Great Depression. Do we know whether the Great Depression was caused by accident, or was it created by design to prepare the American public to embrace the full militarization of American society? Most hungry people welcome a steady paycheque. Everyone was broke. Where did the money come from to pay them?

- Morley

P.S.: Of course the Holocaust really did happen just like Edgar Bronfman says it happened. In this thicket of lies, it's comforting to know there is still something left to believe. Right?


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