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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Five Gold Stars: to some good doctors and nurses

LAKESIDE on Wascana: Gracious Living

In Flagrante Delicto: "while the crime is blazing"

SIXTY: celebrating our first 60 years

Blood Pressure: at SIXTY!

First Day of School: Monday 1 September 1952

Sonny: at 19 with his new car

Terry: We miss you.

Ball Point Pen Drawing:
Electronic Intifada:


Anthropogenic "Global Warming"

Love by Morley Evans

A.W. Evans, Ford Dealer

A.W. Evans, Imperial Oil Dealer Appreciation

A.W. Evans, Ford Dealer Appreciation


Deceit: more scientists speak out

Isabel: at 10 months

The Trojan Horse: we wheeled it in

GO: The Japanese board game

GO: my game in progress

F-450 SuperDuty PowerStroke Diesel

The CMPA: crime syndicate hiding in plain sight

Elf: another 10 minute sketch

The IRAQ Strategy?

Beauty: extraordinary

Bertrand Russell: some sobering thoughts

Antaiji: my Zen temple

Allopath: a modern parable

Global Warming: test your knowledge

Hypercholesterolemia: Debunked

Logo: Evans Court (pdf)

Logo: Evans Arms (jpeg)

It Won't Hurt You: medical milestones (pdf)

Mrs. Curtis's Lilacs

GPA test: auction catalogue

Shakedown: not meltdown

St. Matthew's Anglican Church: Centennary Brochure

JuicePLUS: Drugs are out. Nutrition is in.

Newsletter: a WebArchive file will be downloaded


St. Matthew's: Centennary Placemat

St. Matthew's: Centennary Placemat large

St. Matthew's: Centennary Menu outside

St. Matthew's: Centennary Menu inside

St. Matthew's: Centennary Bookmarks front

St. Matthew's: Centennary Bookmarks back

St. Matthew's Centennary Registration

JuicePLUS+ Reorder Form


Apple WINS!

Nashville 2011 Conference

JOURNEY hear or download the linked WAV file

Maria God kept me alive to see her smile.

Harper Not in my name you don't.

Mevalonate Pathway The pharmaceutical Hoax exposed.

Sue Statins: a revolution begins, I wish.

Life: download a PowerPointPresentation.

Mediterranean Diet: Hale Study

Mediterranean Diet: American Heart Association

Mediterranean Diet: Lyon Heart Study

The Heart of the Matter: with Dr. Tamera Sachs, MD

Fleming: Alexander Fleming Nobel Prize Lecture

Empowered Patient Coalition Survey

Evans Motors J.I. Case Appreciation Plaque

Twins who don't know they have been born

Heart of the Matter Part 1

Heart of the Matter Part 2


Mayo Clinic