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The Magic Show: A Second Look at the Middle East.

Letter to the President: Has Dick Armey lost his mind?

Pray for Peace: Prayer Works. Pray tonight.

MouseTrail: Have Fun! (MS I.E.)

Al-Quds: A Third Look at the Middle East.

Categories: Getting Things Right.

Lerner: Rabbi Lerner on the War Criminal Ariel Sharon.

Who is the child?: How it’s done in Ottawa.

Embarkation: Leave your cares on the embarcadero!

Zionism: America is already controlled by an alien ideology.

Peace Vigil: A Beacon of HOPE.

Spring 2003: May Tulips on a Mac.
Around Home: Snapshots with a Kodak.

Tara: at the Court Club.

Roses: Roses on the 1st of July.

Pæony & Glass: still life.

Pond Scum to Africa: my neighbours make me proud.

Simon Says: portrait at 12 weeks taken by his mom.

Snowbound: in Newfoundland 2004.

Global Warming: in Saskatchewan.

Frost: Spectacular frost in February 2004.

Snowbound: A Winter Idyle by John Greenleaf Whittier

Stopping to Think: about the war on Iraq

Stunning Photos 2: Beautiful General Photography

My Favourite Uncle, Sam: an appraisal

2004 Soccer All-Stars: my nephew Lee

Pond Scum on Wascana: the Championship Racing Team

Petunias: extraordinaire!

August: playing with overLIB

Kiwanis Club of Regina: 87 years of community service

Simon the Chicken: a Hallowe'en movie (QuickTime)

DropCap: a solution to the html dropcap problem

Evil Triumphant: 20 January 2005

Khartoum: an introduction to the 20th century

Connaught Library: serving its community for 74 years

St. Matthew's Anglican Church: windows

The Courthouse: one approach to creating public safety

HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Burmese


Driver Training 101

Mount Royal West

Mass Media: mass brainwashing

The Garrison State: the hoax of the Ages!

Spanish Surnames: a system worth understanding

Thanksgiving 2005:

Jasmin on Echo: a Premier Lakeside Community

Day of Deceit: please start rewriting history

Jennifer Loewenstein Archive: Palestine and Israel

Sovereignty Saves Unity: Election 2006

For whom the Bells Tolls: Israel Shamir

Ruling Élites: the rackets

Daffodils 2006: Springtime, at last!

Mearsheimer and Walt: The Lobby

Mid-Point in the Middle East?: Tariq Ali

Jack Medina: Facts and Fantasy in Nutrition and Exercise

Superman: guardians on alert

Computers Explained: this explains everything!

The Sky is Falling: most children get it. Do you?

Poppycock: The truth about "9/11"

Israel: In Their Own Words

Jennifer Loewenstein NEWS Blog

Restoring Order: the 2-Stage operation

Murray Grant: PRESENTS a voyage through Europe!

Maher Arar: What happened?

YHWH: a history by Morley Evans

SMOKE: Public Health

Sour Grapes: hubris is punished by Nemesis

The Jews: differentiation matters

Race Relations: exercising power

Smiles: life's most precious gift

Makow: The Jewish Century

Isabel: at 3-1/2 months