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Universities:They may look ancient, few are!
Parrots:GoClick and cascading style sheets.
They're Back!CAUTION Ship Worms & Dry Rot.
Hallowe'en:Verse found lurking in the attic.
Saffron & Sea Gulls:Autumn's eve.
Ducks:Our web-footed friends.
the Catallaxy:Man, Markets and Wordplay.
ThanksgivingWhy give thanks?
Japan:Pilrimage to Zen.
Letter to Paul:Changing the Culture.
ELECTION 2000:An election-time favorite.
Coca-Cola © Santa:Merry Christmas!
Epilogue 2000:Over at last!
Ah, rest:Hockney Gymnopedie.
Third Millennium:It's the 21st Century!
Great Plains Auctioneers:Brochure & Online Catalogue.
Helvetica Condensed: Something lost, found.
Saskatchewan's Budget: Apocalypse.
Duck Letters: From the heart.
Learning to Explore: Neil Squire Foundation.
1984 to 2004: It's not yet over...
Emerald Park: Golf Course, Residential Lots, Fine Food.
Curriculum Vitae: Things I've done.
Letter to Denny: Reflections for an old friend.