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Re:the past decade


Lots of water has flowed under the bridge since last we talked in St. Paul:

I left Los Angeles in November 1988 after eleven months at the Reason
Foundation. I didn't have a Green Card and didn't look like a Mexican so I couldn't
disappear into East LA like so many others. I accepted a well-paying job back in
Saskatchewan working for a newly established "non-partisan think tank". I even coined
the name for it:the "Institute for Saskatchewan Enterprise".

Turns out the ISE wasn't so "non-partisan" after all. It had been initiated by the
Deputy Premier and ultimate authority rested with the provincial government.
SOMEBODY didn't like things I was uncovering, but I uncovered them anyway. It was
my job and there was PRESSURE to do it. After eighteen months, I went to another newly-
formed group: the Association of Saskatchewan Taxpayers and had a similar experience.

After a year with the Taxpayers, I decided there was no future for me in saving
the world — people don't want it saved, whatever they say. I gave up and went back
into real estate in 1992. Then in September 1995, I entered a new phase in my life — I
GROUND to a halt. Fibromyalgia they called it. Seems my life-long health problems
had finally caught up with me and I was reduced to a swollen throbbing mass of pain.

Nothing helped and I DID try everything. Years past...

Then on the second of May, 1998, I had a treatment at the little hospital in
Wakaw, Saskatchewan (a tiny town of 2,000 souls). Seven months later, after enduring
much more pain (the doctor had said to avoid any pain killers or anti-inflammatory
drugs), I was well enough to return to my gymnasium. Things were going quite well
until June 27, last year, when returning from my third treatment in Wakaw, I got food
poisoning at a truck stop along the way.

The last thing I remember before I regained consciousness in Regina General
Hospital in July was getting out of the car on my driveway. Seems two days after
getting home I had slipped into a coma. An ambulance had taken me to Emergency.
They did a CAT scan, then drilled a hole in my head and saved my life.