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© December 2002 by Morley Leonard Evans
People who base their analyses on race are racists.

WHEN I STARTED looking into the State of Israel a year ago, I began to encounter unpleasant things to which I had previously blinded myself — things like Zionism. I found myself periodically worrying, “Could Hitler have been right?” Hitler thought he was saving the world from a world-wide conspiracy of Jews by exterminating them and establishing the “Aryans” as the Master Race. That was his main obsession. I found any hint of such an idea extremely repugnant and still do.

The other day, a Saskatchewan Indian Chief, David Akenahew, blundered into this issue. He outraged everyone with his rant against Jews, saying Hitler saved Europe when he “fried” them in WW II and now they are back killing Arabs and starting WW III. The Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations immediately disowned Akenahew as it headed for deep cover. Within hours there was talk of an R.C.M.P. investigation for “hate crime” and stripping Akenahew of his Order of Canada honours.

Anti-Semitism is a powerful talisman which has been very skilfully exploited. Whenever anyone questions the State of Israel or anything else that might be related to any Jew, visions of torch lit rallies, goose steppers in jack boots, swastikas and Auschwitz pop into one’s head. “Am I like them?” one asks. So conditioned are we, that no controller is needed to dangle the magic charm before our eyes to make our minds go blank. We do it ourselves. We control ourselves. The very word “Jew” has been loaded with the same high explosive as the word “nigger”. While "Jew" is a legitimate word, it’s best not to use it. It’s best not to think about such things. It isn’t safe. Besides, the GESTAPO is waiting if you break ranks. Better be quiet. There’s trouble here.

How convenient for people who can use “anti-Semitism” to conceal their crimes! Black turns to white. Or it disappears altogether! Critics are silenced. They could even be jailed. Today, I wonder if “anti-Semitism” wasn’t actually invented by Zionists a hundred years ago and refined by them ever since. Perhaps it was. Since nothing quite like the Holocaust ever happened to Jews before, I wonder if Zionists didn’t actually have something to do with that. Some Jewish sources say the Zionists aided and abetted the disaster! Zionists had motive and they had means, they say, for Zionists were directly involved with Himmler and Eichmann and even with Hitler who chose Zionists to represent all the Jews.

Well. . .  Such matters are “Holocaust Revisionism” and that is a thoughtcrime.

Such speculation, while interesting, isn’t necessary, however. We can consider things we do know about. If we clear the fog, we can clearly see that what the Zionist State has been doing is an outrage which would immediately be condemned if anyone else had been doing it. We can ask ourselves why that might be. Why is it not an outrage? We can also see that Hitler could have been doing the right thing only if Jews are what the Zionists have always claimed: unique and fundamentally different from (and a mortal threat to) the human race! That might be harder to refute today if Zionism could claim 100% of the world’s Jewish population. But fortunately for us, and for all Jews, there are still some Jews around who aren’t Zionists. They may not be easy to find and their works may have been buried with anti-Semitic stuff, where decent people would never look, but non-Zionist Jews do exist. And they are part of the human race!

If we examine the major categories used by Zionists and Nazis we find they are the same: there are “the Jews” and there is “everybody else”. If we re-sort into conventional categories, however, we find there are “decent people” and there are “criminals”. Based on what they have done, we can put Zionists and Nazis in the latter group together where they belong. The innocent victims of the Holocaust would belong with the decent people. It is just that simple. Then we can start to slice thinner and thinner as specific individuals are charged with specific offences and not as members of an undifferentiated category all thrown into the soup together. We would find that most people are not guilty of much. Most will have been mislead or dragged along. Not all, of course.

The racist categories “us” and “them” are primordial and they are what all of us will have used innocently enough in the beginning of our lives when “us” is our immediate family (first mother, then father, then siblings) and “them” is everybody else. As we grow older and include more people in our sphere, we usually adopt something more sophisticated, but we might not. This primal system categorizes people based upon who they are and not on what they do. Conventional ethics and justice today reverses things: People are classified on what they do and not on who they are. Until quite recently — say, within the last two hundred years or so when “Western” liberal culture began to take hold — entire societies were usually organized on the principle of who you are and not on what you do: India’s caste system remains as an excellent example. The “liberal” concept is not new, however. Religions have been teaching for about 2500 years that we are judged on what we do and not on who we are. Check it out.     

David Akenahew made the common mistake — the mistake Zionists expect everyone to make because they make it themselves. Akenahew was outraged by what is going on in the Middle East, for which Zionists are in no small part responsible, and then he used the Nazi / Zionist categories to arrive at the wrong conclusion — the conclusion that gave the argument to the Zionists by putting Holocaust victims and decent people into the same category as the Zionists.

We have to do better. I was pleasantly surprised recently when an Iranian ayatollah commented on the “Zionists” and not the “Jews” or even the “Israelis” and I was then amused by Saddam Hussein, no stranger to crime himself, who called the State of Israel the “Zionist entity”, which it is.

Accuracy matters. It’s a start. Everyone does know right from wrong. Now with the fall of Communism, and with the Nazis long gone, everyone calculates moral issues in the same way again — everyone except Zionists and their supporters.