1. Getting help

Most importantly I'm not at all interested in answering general JavaScript/HTML/DHTML questions. Don't expect a reply to any emails containing such questions. Feel free to send bug reports (that aren't mentioned on the site already), feature requests and a small note about cool sites using overLIB (not already mentioned). If you need general help check out the book list in section 4 at the bottom of this page.

2. Peer support

You can easily get help by searching the archives at, or by joining the overLIB mailinglist (check the archives before posting questions, though). You will get help and have the chance to exchange ideas with fellow users and developers. Join the mailinglist and get help immediately by sending a blank email to

3. Contacting the author

You're last resort is to email me. Note that I will redirect you to the mailing list or leave your message unanswered if it is answered in the FAQ or not directly related to overLIB. I do not debug people's pages either. If you think you've found a bug, tell the mailing list after checking the Known Issues first.

This might seem harsh but I simply get too much mail about overLIB with questions that are either answered here on the site or by the people on the mailing list. Every question sent to me takes time from overLIB development. Time that I already feel that I have too little of.

I ask you to please respect this and enjoy the script. If you do send me some mail - I will read it - but I cannot promise you an answer.

4. References