created in the CAT database on May 4, 2002 at2:23p

Re: Crisis in The Middle East and AT HOME

George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
White House

Mr. President,

Dumbfounded was I to hear Rep. Dick Armey on CNBC last night. Has he lost
his mind? Have Republicans been taking their stupid pills again? Is this someone's
idea of how the Republican Party can win big in the Congressional elections this
fall? Whose? Democratic strategist James Carville's?

Mr. Sharon's vicious "incursion" into the West Bank is exactly what the
Democratic Party needed to derail your own excellent foreign policy initiatives.
Unconditional support for The State of Israel is not the same as defending the weak
and down-trodden or upholding The Right.

If Republicans stand up for what is right, they will do extremely well in
the fall because Americans believe in standing up for what is right. You will be
re-elected in 2004 and the world will be a better place thanks to your Presidency.

God Bless America,
Morley Evans