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Al-Quds, Jerusalem, Zion

Morley Leonard Evans © 2002

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Barak has predicted that things will get better after twenty-five generations (about 750 years)! However, after only one hundred years of this, the answer is crystal clear: What the Zionists are doing can never make them feel safe. They have to do something else.

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A quiet mind
Herzl’s life changing revelation
A culture of paranoia
So What?


Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to “the shameful crime” and boldly declared: “If our dreams for Zionism are to end in the smoke of assassins’ guns and our labours for its future to produce only a new set of gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany, then many like myself will have to reconsider the position we have maintained so consistently and so long in the past.”

- The Zionist Connection, Alfred M. Lilienthal

Date: 20 November 2002
Professor Gottfried,

In your essay, “Jonah, We Hardy Knew Ye!” which I read this morning at, you state, “(I may say I write this as a supporter of Israel.)” I am puzzled. Are you or aren’t you a supporter of the State of Israel? You seem to have hit the nail on the head in that same paragraph with, “But it is political players, e.g. the Zionist global democrats at National Review and New Republic, who are its cutting edge [of promoting American Empire].” That is itself a daring statement. Perhaps you felt compelled to soften it.

May I say I was a supporter of the State of Israel for fifty years? May I go on to say that after actually taking a look at the place this year, I am not a supporter of the State of Israel? Perhaps I shouldn’t say so, for fear that the Gestapo will come for me, in the courts, or in some dark alley. But maybe I should say so without equivocation, clearly and calmly: I do not support any State that was founded upon principles of predatory parasitic racist paranoia which is about to transmogrify from regional psycho to world dominator through manipulation of U.S. politics and WW III. Maybe everyone should say it and save us all a lot of grief. I wish they would.

Mr. Jonah Goldberg, of course, wouldn’t say it. He thinks War is a noble adventure. But then, he would since War is the main sacrament of those pseudo religions Marxism, Nazism, and Zionism. I’m sure Jonah believes in the Master Race too. Someone should ask him. I’m glad to hear he was fired, for whatever reason. Thanks for the news.

Morley Evans

IN THIS PAPER I have put together a few ideas that have occurred to me over the past year while considering the perennial crisis in the Middle East. During that time my opinion has changed considerably. It may change again.

To the right you will find links to ideas of other people most of whom you are unlikely to encounter in the mainstream media. You are responsible yourself for discriminating between what might be true and what might be false. You must do the same, of course, with what you find in mainstream media.

As I write this, we seem to be gliding on rails toward WW III. I think that would be a very bad thing while some others (who are all idiots) look forward to bringing about the end of the world. Perhaps your own ideas will be affected by what you find here and together we will avoid something horrific and unnecessary. If millenarians, and other fools, get their way, no one will have created Paradise on Earth; that can only be done by God, Himself. You may recall that Paradise was promised in the twentieth century by various communists, socialists, fascists, nazis, and similar high-minded reformers. They have had their chances, don’t give them any more.

The list at the right is an eclectic mix in no particular order. It is not in any sense a complete list. Some people have points of view you may find distasteful. I have not presented things I find too outrageous, or anything that is simply hateful. Your opinion may be different from mine. I have not presented what one can see every hour of every day in the newspapers, on television networks, or in newsmagazines. They have billions of dollars and tens of millions of readers and viewers. They don’t need any help to promote their message.

After browsing through the contents here, you may want to write to your favourite U.S. Congressman and tell him, or her, what you think. They are, at the moment, in control of our destiny, however badly informed they might be. Links to them are in the column on the right. Since you don’t even have to be a citizen to tell them what you think, do it. You don’t even have to buy a stamp. Click and Write! Don’t forget to pray.

I know you may not want to look at this: first look, then decide. It’s important and you do have fifteen minutes.

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PICTURED ABOVE is Jerusalem, one of the oldest surviving human settlements on earth.  It is home to three of the world’s five great religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If you didn’t know, the other two, Buddhism and Hinduism, have homes in the Far East. You will find a link to Tibet in the list to the right . There you can see something that has been going on that is every bit as shocking as what has been happening in the Holy Land. Compare.

Jerusalem has thousands of years of background, the totality of which is far beyond the scope of this humble essay.  Fortunately for us most of that history is irrelevant to the problem at hand. Let us try to pan the gold from the gravel:

The Concise Oxford Dictionary notes:
Zion n. (holy hill of) ancient Jerusalem; the Jewish religion; the Christian Church; the Heavenly Jerusalem or kingdom of heaven; ||nonconformist chapel. [OE, f. eccl. L Sion f. Heb. siyon]

Zion|ism n. movement founded in 1897 that has sought and achieved the re-establishment of a Jewish nation in Palestine; so ~ist (2) n. [f. prec. + -ism]

Israel n. 1. (Children of) ~, Jewish or Hebrew nation or people; so ~ITE (1) n. 2. (fig.) God's elect. [later name of Jacob, their traditional ancestor, eccl. L f. Gk Israel f. Heb. yisrael he that strives with God (Gen. 32:28)]

Satan n. the Devil, Lucifer. [OE f. LL f. Gk, f. Heb. satan , lit. ‘adversary’ (satan oppose)]

thug n. 1. (T~; Hist.). member of religious organization of robbers and assassins in India suppressed about 1825. 2. vicious or brutal ruffian. 3. Hence ~´gery (5) (-g-) n. [f. Hindi & Marathi thag swindler]

parasite n. self-seeking hanger-on, toady; animal or plant living in or on another and drawing nutriment directly from it; plant that climbs about another plant, wall, etc.; unprofitable dependent person or thing; (Philol. inorganic sound or letter developing from an adjacent one; hence or cogn. parasitic (AL) adjs., parasiticide (1), ~ism (2), ~o LOGY, ns. [f. L f. Gk PARA (sitos food) one who eats at another’s table]

paranoia n. mental derangement with delusions of grandeur, persecution, etc.; abnormal tendency to suspect and mistrust others; hence paranoi AC, parano IC, paran OID, adjs. & ns. [mod. L f. Gk, f. PARA (noos mind) distracted]

MUCH CONFUSION has probably been deliberately created from the outset between the Jewish people and the political movement of Theodor Herzl which is called “Zionism”. “Zion” as we can see from the definition above is the name of ancient Jerusalem, the Jewish religion, the Christian Church, and Heaven itself. (No one would confuse with Heaven what “Zionism” has created in the Holy Land, however. That clearly is the other place.)

Better would it have been that the movement had been called “Herzlism” so that its followers could be known today as “Herzlites” or Herzlists” (like “Marxists”). But this would still be somewhat imprecise since Herzl didn’t invent the movement. His ideas and energies took over a movement that had been started by others several years before his own life changing revelation. Several dates for the founding of Jewish “Zionism” appear in various places, though 1881 has a certain gravitas due to the symmetry of its numbers. (It may have been chosen for that very reason.) We might note in passing that something called “Christian Zionism” got it’s start some five hundred years ago and is still alive today. Today those people are excited about The End and wish to do what they can to bring it about. Dare I say that we are dealing with dangerous crackpots here? I might, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

In this paper I shall grudgingly continue to use “Zionism” with the explicit proviso that it should not to be confused with the Jewish religion, Judaism.

The State that has been created in Palestine should definitely not be called “Israel” because that is the name of the Jewish people and no self-respecting Jew, it seems to me, would want to have his or her name associated with that place and what goes on there. The place should properly be called “Herzland” or possibly the “Zionist State” to avoid such confusion. “Zionistan” seems apt. Perhaps consistent use here of the “State of Israel” or better yet, “the so-called State of Israel”, will differentiate it from the people of Israel. You can be quite certain that I shall never refer to it as the “Jewish State” which it is not. And what if every Jew alive today had a different opinion from mine? They don’t, but regardless of that, popular opinion polls don’t count. Just imagine: If every Catholic in Italy renounced the Church in favour of the Mafia; would they still be Catholics, even if they still went to mass? Nope.

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SOME READERS will find this presentation difficult for various reasons. For them I recommend periodically returning to the photo above where they might be reminded what religion is about: Religion is concerned with matters ethereal, it is not about matters material. They might acquire a feeling that will be a clue.

I hope so.

Readers should please try hard to remember that religion does not promote lying, suspicion, fear or hatred, murder and mayhem, theft or fraud, greed, assault and battery, or any of the other deadly sins, including War. Instead, religions teach patience, compassion and understanding. Religions provide a link for us between this world and the other for the time that we are here. They provide us with guidelines for our own conduct. If your religion doesn’t seem to teach these things maybe you don’t understand it very well, or maybe yours isn’t a religion after all; maybe it’s a satanic sub-cult and your leaders are atheistic heretical blasphemers. You should check.

No religion has as its purpose the creation of tragedy and calamity. Revenge is not part of any program. Notwithstanding this, legitimate errors of interpretation have certainly been made, “to err is human.” More importantly, however, one must firmly keep in mind that many of the ideas people do conceive quite simply are insane.

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A quiet mind

ZEN MASTER Kosho Uchiyama-roshi wrote that everyone should think of his own thoughts as mere secretions — manifestations of little moment. Drifting clouds. (Polish is required to read the piece above.)

Grand schemes, which supposedly will be of great value to everyone, merely exercise the thinker’s vanity, while leading multitudes to disaster. Marx’s grandiose ideology gripped two thirds of mankind for most of the twentieth century while it embroiled everyone on earth and greatly inconvenienced, or killed outright, hundreds of millions of people. Hitler made his own contribution to the disasters of the Marxists. We don’t need more of this.

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PEOPLE should avoid grandiose ideologies. They have no talent for them — None Whatsoever. Grandiose ideologies are dangerous poison. These masterworks have invariably proven to be the work of the Devil himself.

Theodor Herzl’s political Zionism belongs to the same genus as Marxism and Nazism. Like them, it is a predatory materialist pseudo religion whose principal sacrament is War. As such it is the darkest ideology to survive into the twenty-first century. Zionism is a real and present danger to all, especially to every Jewish person and particularly to those people who conform to its practices, for the lake of fire awaits their souls. Zionism is not Judaism; it is a secular ideology — not a religion — which has stolen reverential Jewish symbols and seduced many of the people of Israel with promises of earthly rewards, and lies. Jews must return to their faith, not to the “promised land” for their faith is the promised land.

Though until recently a poor cousin to them, Zionism is today more dangerous to the general welfare of mankind than Marxism or Nazism ever were because neither of them was able to successfully parasitize the “world’s only remaining superpower” having at their disposal its military technologies and wealth of the twenty-first century. Marxism and Nazism were opposed and then defeated by the liberal democracies. (That’s us.) They had to rely on old technologies to crush opponents and enslave masses. Poor them. And now, poor us?

Zionism is unfinished business left over from the twentieth century.

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Herzl’s life changing revelation

THE MOVEMENT Herzl energized has remained for a century remarkably true to his original idea. Zionism has found its strength in simplicity and clarity, whereas Marxism found its strength in complexity and obscurum per obscurius.

From his biography we learn that Theodor Herzl was born in Budapest (1860) in what was soon to become the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We are told that he first encountered anti-Semitism while at university in Vienna when he was 22 years old and that when he was 34, and working as a journalist in Paris, the Dreyfus Affair erupted. The prosecution of Captain Dreyfus, a Jewish member of the French General Staff who was convicted of spying for the Germans, galvanized Herzl to solve the “Jewish Problem” and rescue his people. Herzl worked tirelessly to that end until his untimely death ten years later at 44.

The young Herzl held six Zionist Congresses between 1897 and 1902. He went to Istanbul to solicit support from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. He travelled to Russia to seek an accord to facilitate Jewish emigration from that country. Herzl received from the British a proposal of a Jewish autonomous region in east Africa, in Uganda. He met with Jewish plutocrats including Baron Hirsch and Baron Rothschild. Jewish leaders uniformly were uninterested in Herzl’s proposal. In fact, only Jewish peasants in eastern Europe were interested in a “Jewish homeland”, and Herzl found political support only from the British government. With such an unpromising beginning, anyone — even its enemies — would concede that the success of Zionism has been a remarkable story. Indeed.

But the inspirational story of the founding of Zionism tells us something more important: it destroys Herzl’s premise. Whatever unpleasantness Herzl found at university when he was 22, we must remember that in the nineteenth century only wealthy people from the upper classes went to university. From where came the Jewish plutocrats? Were they members of a downtrodden and persecuted underclass? Could you even get in the door to see any of the political figures on Herzl’s list? From where came the money to finance Herzl’s frenzied activities? You may correctly wonder how a despised and persecuted Dreyfus ever became a member of the French General Staff. If we aren’t dealing with what Theodor Herzl thought he was dealing with, then what?

Before Theodor Herzl, the milieu surrounding another nineteenth century German Jew, Karl Marx — who would become after his death the most influential person of the twentieth century — casts more doubt. Marx’s wife, Jenny — Jenny Von Westphalen — came from a family of Junkers. Marx’s Dutch Uncle, who finally could take no more of Marx and cut Marx off, was Lion Philips, the founder of Philips, today’s electronics giant. Friedrich Engels spent most of his adult life in England as the manager of cotton mills. During that period, Benjamin Disraeli was a prominent British citizen and was perhaps Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister. After Theodor Herzl passed away, Sigmund Freud prospered in Vienna and founded modern psychiatry. Albert Einstein became the world’s most famous scientist when he revolutionized physics. The list goes on, and on, and it does not support Herzl’s thesis. We must ask Theodor Herzl, “What is your problem?”   

Zionism is based upon the premise that Jews belong to a uniquely persecuted race which can find safety from non-Jews only within a State that possesses a powerful military armed with the most modern weapons. But one metaphysical device is required — “anti-Semitism”. What developed in the twentieth century is, in fact, one man’s error writ large. This is not the first example of this happening and it won’t be the last.

Herzl was not particularly aware of his Jewish heritage or his faith until saving his race became his life’s work when he was thirty-four.    

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A culture of paranoia

PARANOIACS require enemies. If they have none, they will create some, for enemies validate the central obsession of paranoia. The Zionist State was founded on this principle alone. And on nothing else. It is not surprising, then, that its leaders, though probably not every citizen, believe they are surrounded by an implacable enemy plotting day and night to kill every Jew. Peace is not an option. For them, perpetual war is required. Without perpetual war, the Zionist State would be out of business, and organizations, like the people who create them, always fight to survive. (One must emphasize that this does not mean the people would be gone with the disappearance of the State. When Nazi Germany disappeared, for example, Germans remained.)

A century after the first Zionists began moving into Palestine, their descendants are still defending themselves from the predations of “the Arabs”. What else happened during that time? Let’s look back: the Boer War (1899 - 1902); the First World War (1914 - 1918); the Second World War (1932 - 1945); the Korean War (1950 - 1953); the War in Vietnam (1963 - 1975), the Cold War (1945 to 1991). There were, in addition to these major events, scores of lesser revolutions, invasions, defensive actions, insurrections, and blood baths. During this time the Soviet Union came and went. Nazi Germany disappeared after only twelve years. Japan became an industrial and commercial powerhouse when it ceased to be an empire. China turned Communist in 1949 and embarked upon a road toward capitalism in 1976. The map of Europe was redrawn several times during the century. The map of the world was redrawn over and over. In addition to War dead, more were killed, many more: Genocide in the Ottoman Empire when the Armenians were butchered; Twenty million Kulaks liquidated by Stalin; Eleven million exterminated by the Nazis, including six million Jews; “Ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans and throughout the continent of Africa after colonies became independent. Tibet was raped by the People’s Republic of China. Great Britain relinquished control of Ireland after the First World War and gave up its world-wide empire following the Second World War. With this, India became independent in 1949 and this was followed by the century’s largest bloodbath and ethnic cleansing when Hindus and Muslims separated. The French left Vietnam in 1954 and Algeria in 1962. South Africa instituted and then gave up apartheid. Cambodians and Indonesians slaughtered their own countrymen in their millions.  Latin American governments continued their own tradition of regular change through revolution. Death squads became popular. On top of the terror bombing of the Second World War, we dropped the atomic bomb on civilians, twice. Many things happened in the twentieth century. Such unprecedented wickedness! Angels weep. War broke out. Peace broke out. War broke out again. Then Peace. Then War. . .  People moved on to new problems as they left old problems behind. The Zionists are still defending themselves from Palestinian aggression? After a hundred years? These Palestinians must be fierce enemies. Or Zionists must be woefully incompetent warriors. Perhaps they are truly meek and mild, just like Quakers:

The previous paragraph provides ample evidence that we have been living in a dangerous world. In order to defend themselves, skulduggery, assassinations and goon squads were incorporated into Zionist culture from the beginning. Zionists began establishing settlements in Palestine at the turn of the century. Jewish sources claim that Zionists were chosen, when the movement was still a small obscure fringe group, by Hitler himself to represent all the Jews in Europe. Everyone knows what happened. With the end of World War II, the Zionists established their State (1948) and cleared most of the land of its Palestinian owners, driving them into refugee camps. They invaded Sinai in 1956; acquired nuclear weapons in 1966; invaded the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan in 1967. Once in control there, the so-called State of Israel established a military occupation to incarcerate the Palestinian population, while it began building settlements throughout the occupied territories to squeeze the Palestinians out. Or something. The State of Israel maintains one of the most powerful military operations in the world, while it carefully nurtures an image of peaceful helplessness. Victims. It established a vital link to the United States Treasury in 1967 when “Israel” was placed in “its hour of direst need” by its enemies. This link remains firmly attached to this day. Agents of the State of Israel have systematically assassinated Palestinian leaders year after year, keeping Yasser Arafat, who is now a captive whipping-boy whom they can blame for their misfortunes (which they largely create themselves for their own benefit). Palestinians have been relentlessly ground down for a century. They have no army, no air force, and no money. They never had these things. Yet the State of Israel still feels threatened by incidents of Palestinian defiance. Not only suicide bombers, but even rock- throwing children are considered a mortal threat. Does this make any sense? When will the Zionists feel safe? Former Israeli Prime Minister Barak has predicted that things will get better after twenty-five generations (about 750 years)! However, after only one hundred years of this, the answer is crystal clear: What the Zionists are doing can never make them feel safe. They have to do something else.

Besides fear-driven activity, the other aspect of paranoia is that the afflicted suffer delusions of grandeur. This is evident in Herzl’s chutzpah, in his nerve, his aggressive boldness, his unmitigated effrontery, as well as in his frenzy. He would have fully believed the high and mighty should give him what he wanted: a “Jewish homeland”. (After all, why not?) If they did not accommodate him, his assessment of them would be confirmed — “anti-Semites”. (A classic example of a self-innoculating ideology this is.)  His resolve to reach his goal would be redoubled by failure and he would work himself to death. Once started on this track, certain things become inevitable: Having accepted the necessity to defend one’s race, it is a small step to conclude that one’s race is superior. Having acquired weapons for self defence, it is a small step to feel it necessary to use them for offense. This is, in fact, the same disease that afflicted Adolph Hitler and then Nazi Germany.

Deception and self-deception are important components of the Zionist ideology because they allow people who are not bad people to do bad things. People must sincerely believe their actions are justified and therefore good. They can then honestly believe they have been doing good deeds which can be presented honestly as good deeds. It is a process of moral laundering which is not unique to Zionists. Deception, like paranoia, is a serious problem, however, because it allows continuing and growing evil. This psychological preparation must occur before one is ready for War: Truth is the first casualty of War. It is more important to that end than cultivating hatred and fear or de-humanizing the enemy. Zionism adds extra insurance for believers: it adds “anti-Semitism”. Since everyone hates “The Jews” Zionist reasoning goes, they can trust no one. Therefore, Jews are always defending themselves and so they may take any means available to do it. (This doctrine can be interpreted as a licence to do whatever one wants to whomever one chooses. Why bother with excuses? They aren’t necessary. Everyone is the enemy. Best of all, this allows one to take pride in one’s restraint because one could always have done something worse!) Apart from criminal psychosis, the problem with this is that when one examines history, and the history of the twentieth century in particular, one will be struck by the fact that no group other than the Zionists — not other Jews — has come up with anything like “anti-Semitism” no matter how many filthy, despicable things have been done to them. Zionism is unique. It is also perfectly apparent from history that human beings are perfectly capable of breathtakingly shocking inhumanity without any reference to “The Jews” at all. Of course to suggest Herzl’s explanation of history is incorrect would be considered “anti-Semitic” by Zionists.

Interestingly “anti-Semitism” is not a lesson taught in the Bible (Jewish or Christian), although the Hebrews and the Israelites do suffer much. Could it be that the lesson of the Bible is that faith will help people overcome the suffering they are sure to experience in this life? Zionism instead teaches that suffering can be overcome with powerful weapons, military intelligence, propaganda and planning. This is an irreligious solution; it is a materialist solution which can lead only to more violence and more suffering. Force will be met by force.

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ZIONISM’S enemies (as well as its most ardent friends, like Ariel Sharon) think that the State of Israel already controls the United States of America. (Delusions of grandeur? Megalomania?) How could a tiny insignificant country of six million that can’t even support itself take over “the world’s only remaining superpower?” (Six million Israelis includes over a million people with limited rights as citizens and does not include the viciously persecuted three million person underclass known as “the Palestinians”.)  The U.S.A. has a population of over two hundred eighty million people; it is a country that today is the cultural, economic, and military powerhouse of the world.

Could it be taken over? Has it been taken over?

It could: Deep in the rain forest one finds the strangler fig, a most interesting plant. The delicious fruit of the fig is eaten by birds who defecate on branches of other trees after meals of fig fruit have passed through their guts. In any forest, sunlight is abundantly available only to the upper canopy. Below that, less and less sunlight is available as one approaches the ground. This makes it difficult for new trees to get started. The strangler fig has a novel approach to overcome this problem: After passing through a bird, a fig seed sticks to the tree branch upon which a bird has perched. This could be as far above the ground as 100 feet, or higher. The seed drills a root into the tree which then becomes the fig’s host, supplying all the necessary nutriments the fig requires. Because the seed is high above the ground, there is ample sunlight too. The seed sends roots down the outside of the tree. They eventually reach the ground and begin to send nutriment back up to the fig plant which has simultaneously been sending branches and leaves upward to the sunlight. Many seeds can be deposited by many birds. Each one establishes itself as a parasite, sending roots down the trunk of the host to the ground and branches with leaves up toward the sky. Eventually a great tree as tall as 150 feet can be encased in strangler fig and killed. One day the strangler fig completely replaces its host when the dead tree has rotted away inside the usurper. The strangler fig lives on, a new Titan of the forest. There is, of course, a second part to this story, else there would have long since been no other trees in the rain forest except strangler figs.

The State of Israel through a network of groups such as AIPAC (America Israel Public Affairs Committee) has — by far — the most powerful lobby in Washington. The State of Israel has received from the United States of America approximately 100 Billion Dollars to finance its operations over the years and it gets one third of the total U.S. assistance to all foreign countries. The “Israel” lobby wants everyone to think the United States and “Israel” have the same values. This is the fundamental requirement of the lobby which is the Zionist State’s primary source of income. They must persuade everyone that they are the same as us, that we have “shared values”. Really? The Zionist record in Palestine over the last one hundred years shows they are definitely not the same as us. As imperfectly as we have realized our libertarian founding principles, we have sometimes come close. And we have often made efforts to correct the errors we have made after recognizing our mistakes, which most agree are numerous. The Zionists are not even the same as the worst of us. They have matched their founding principles quite well over the years. The Zionist State’s resemblance to Nazi Germany is no accident because they each share identical founding principles: paranoia, racism, national socialism, and militarism. In fact, Zionism predates Hitler by thirty years. Could Zionists have influenced Hitler, as we know Hitler was influenced by Stalin, even though Zionism was merely an insignificant fringe cult at the time? Possibly. We should remember that Zionism and Nazism were both insignificant fringe cults in the 1920’s when Hitler was getting started. Misery loves company? Brothers in arms? Ah yes, devils at work.

No one disputes that the State of Israel annually receives vast quantities of financial and other support from the United States. The State of Israel and the United States of America do have a “special relationship”. It is the relationship of a parasite to its host. This relationship rests on good will toward Jewish people which is reinforced by sympathy intertwined with guilt and the confusion of Zionism with Judaism that has been painstakingly cultivated. Since the Second World War, the Zionist State has managed to acquire significant funds from two other sources: the Holocaust shakedown and Jews in the Diaspora. In the last thirty years many in the latter have become “Born Again Hebrews” who have joined the new improved modern pseudo religion Zionism, supporting it with cash and with in-kind contributions to the propaganda avalanche.

The people of Israel have themselves been parasitized. 

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So What?

IN THE BEGINNING of this essay, the warning Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave about Zionism came after the Second World War. At that time, the world had just survived a life and death struggle with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Empire of Japan. The Axis. But the Cold War, another titanic struggle, had just begun. The Cold War would devour the next fifty years and tens of millions of lives more than had already been lost.
As the moon cannot be well seen in daytime, though it might be overhead in the sky, Zionism could not be well seen throughout the twentieth century. There were more important affairs than the goings-on of an insignificant movement that had taken root in a backwater of the Middle East.

Moreover, during the last half of the twentieth century, the Zionist State managed to contrive an awkward alliance between the Soviet Union and the Arab world — wedging itself in as a “strategic partner” of the West. That was the Lavon Affair. Then, with the end of the Cold War and based upon the maxim Enemy of my Enemy Is my Friend, some new enemies had to be found for everyone. It had to be done before the West began looking into the affairs of the Zionist State and that was starting to happen.

An old enemy — Israel’s perennial enemy — was raised: “the Arabs”.

With the events of 11 September 2001, suddenly everyone was threatened by a world-wide conspiracy of terror that was unlike any threat anyone had ever encountered in the History of Man (or woman)! We were in a new world that required new measures. We had a new need for our old ally in this new fight for our lives. The State of Israel, our tried and true friend, could teach us in our hour of need. They had experience fighting terrorism. (Does anyone know what the State of Israel ever did to qualify itself as our “strategic partner” or as our friend? They have powerful relatives in the United States? Is that it?)

Now a year later, even our oldest friends in the Arab world are suspected of complicity in this new threat. With Henry Kissinger appointed to head the investigation into “9/11”, they may be convicted, especially since Kissinger warned of this possibility when he accepted his appointment! We view all Arabs now with new suspicion. We are preparing to invade Iraq to remove “a thug who oppresses his people” and who wants to obtain “weapons of mass destruction.” We are urged to attack Iran next and then to declare war on Islam. Urged by whom? By our strategic partner and friend, the State of Israel.

Today, the State of Israel is a menace that threatens everyone in the world. It presents a specific dilemma for American Jews:

Israel is creating a kind of moral schizophrenia in world Jewry. In the outside world, the welfare of Jewry depends on the maintenance of secular, nonracial, pluralistic societies. In Israel, Jewry finds itself defending a society in which mixed marriages cannot be legalized, in which non-Jews have a lesser status than Jews, and in which the ideal is racial and exclusionist. Jews must fight everywhere for their very security and existence against principles and practices they find themselves defending in Israel.
- I.F. Stone (1975)

Jewish Americans belong to the most successful and wealthy group in America. (Do any of them believe they are members of a despised and presecuted underclass? Likely some do. Do some people hate them because they are Jews? Likely some do.) This 2.7 percent of the population enjoys an unprecedented benefit from life in the most secular, nonracial, pluralistic, and tolerant human society that has ever existed. Jews are extremely well represented in the halls of learning of the top universities and in the halls of power of Washington. Jewish Americans dominate the entertainment, news and publishing industries. They are well represented in finance. “Izzy” Stone made his observation 27 years ago. Apparently nobody paid any attention, proving once again that what people who have too much need most is more? Despite their innumerable generous philanthropic acts, very few American Jews have made the choice between liberty and the tyranny that exists in the police state their relatives have set up across the sea. Their silence is a stain on them. Those who have spoken out have been marginalized and silenced too.

The situation is worse today than it has ever been. An ominous future looms. Muslims see portents in reports from Palestine on Al Jazeera. We can see them on CNN and BBC. After World War III, the Islamic world will be completely dominated by America. The new overlord from Marrakech to Jakarta will be the State of Israel. Everyone can see what kind of masters the Israelis will be. The future will have lots and lots of terror as the powerless resist. A few loose nukes (mailed in shipping containers) will replace a few suicide bombers. The screws will tighten. America will become The Evil Empire. (Some say it is that now.) The Triumph of Peace and Justice and Liberty we saw at the end of the Cold War will prove to have been only a mirage shimmering in the distance over the dunes of time. We saw that same mirage before, after WW II.

All could be lost for a very long time.

This need not be our fate. American Jewry must choose between Liberty and Israel über Alles: between sanity and insanity. They cannot have it both ways; they must choose. They must choose? They must. This future can be changed. The State of Israel is a parasite which is puffed up on what it has been given. A regime change can only occur when the money stops flowing from Washington. Those who say the Arabs would be a problem even if “Israel” didn’t exist are from Israel. This Is The Number One Problem. Without it, everything would soon settle down and could be made right.

Because of the unique position they find themselves in with regards to this most important issue, American Jews must be the first to say:

Build a better world: No bombs! No War! No Evil Empire!

Great responsibility accompanies great privilege. They must? They must!
And what about you? Don’t wait for someone else. If you think you and your children and their children deserve Peace, Justice and Liberty act now. Tell Someone. Tell the President. WRITE!

THE CURRENT SITUATION has been aided and abetted by those who think a Pax Americana is the vehicle that will take us where the dreamers and schemers of the past century could not. They are mistaken. They all have been infected with Herzl’s deadly disease, “anti-Semitism”. The acid test is their position on Palestine which tells everyone loud and clear where this American Empire leads. Say No! They must be stopped.

A safer world cannot be created by force. Evil must be met with Goodness, not with more Evil. Peace flows from Justice. We can do this if we try.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

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THE ENLIGHTENMENT didn’t promise to solve the metaphysical problems of Man. It promised that people could better understand and rearrange a few material things in this life so that their time here could be made somewhat more bearable. Humble aspirations become achievable goals.

The real problems remain to be solved by each one of us. Religions help.

You may wish to return to meditate or pray at Al Quds, The Holy.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.

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