January 15, 2005

The Crisis In Palestine Continues

By Morley Evans

AE ALL NEED TO BE REMINDED, at a time when people have been falling all over themselves to donate money to help the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami —precious as those people are — to please not forget the people of Palestine who have suffered worse than this for sixty years — not by an “act of God”, but by the deliberate acts of men.

Some kindness is due in this world. Let’s have some: a wholesome thought, a kind word, a smile, a good deed, however small.

Please consider donating a gift to one of these worthy helping agencies. No amount would be too little to give:

Palestine Red Crescent Society

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Appeal 2005 (pdf)

The Lutheran Church in Palestine

The United Methodist Committee on Relief

The Catholic Near East Welfare Association

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Islamic Relief in Palestine

Muslim Relief Organizations (an alphabetical list)

Physicians for Human Rights (an Israeli organization)

Medical Aid for Palestine (a Canadian organization)

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Jerusalem Peacemakers: Peace in the Holy Land

KinderUSA (read message from their Board of Directors)

Lotus in the Mud: Buddhist Campaigns and Engagement (search this page for the word "sniper")

Salvation Army: Why are we here?

World Council of Churches: EAPPI

Rabbis For Human Rights: Giving voice in Israel to the Jewish tradition of human rights.

Women in Black:


If everything you know about Palestine, and the “conflict” there, has come from the mainstream media, you may be grotesquely misinformed, sad to say. Please read something from alternative sources. Here are a few:

WCC Press Release

Jennifer Loewenstein Archchive

Al Quds


The Middle East Council of Churches

Electronic Intifada

Palestine Chronicle

Al Jazeera

Rafah a refugee camp in Gaza (EI report)


Iraq a daily occurrence